I was fortunate to learn about the universal Dafa in 1995. On January 6, 2000, I was arrested while delivering truth-clarifying materials with another practitioner. I was illegally imprisoned for over six months, and later I was sentenced to one-year "re-education" in a forced labor camp. My family did not practice Falun Dafa. Evil people used them to try to brainwash me, and they even asked me to sign guarantees that they had written for me. At first, I had strong willpower and did not follow their orders. Later on, because I was delinquent in studying the Fa and attached to family and time, I allowed the evil take advantage of my attachments, and I did what a Dafa practitioner should not do. My deeds have created a bad image for Dafa. Now I realize the truth. Today, I sincerely declare that whatever my family and I said against Dafa while I was in prison is totally invalid. I want to come back and join the Fa rectification efforts, to do my best to clarify the truth, to eliminate the evils using righteous thoughts, and to save all sentient beings. I will redouble my efforts to make up for the damage to Dafa and will follow the Teacher to return to my real home.

Declarer: Lu Biying on January 6, 2002

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/1/14/23130.html

Original article date: 1/14/2002

I started to study the Fa in November 1997 after my wife told me about the book Zhuan Falun. After reading the book, I knew that Falun Buddha Law is a great cultivation way, which follows the universal principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance). So my wife and I went to a practitioner's home every day to study the Fa and to practice the exercises.

After July 20, 1999, my wife went to the provincial capital to validate Dafa without letting me know before she left. Due to my own attachments, I could not understand her and was angry with her for leaving. As a result, I tore Dafa books and Teacher's picture. In November of 2000, my wife went to the Tiananmen Square to say that Dafa is good. I could not understand her behavior and was afraid that she would be caught by the police in Beijing and tortured in prison. So the next day I quickly went to Beijing to find her. I arrived at the nearest police station in Beijing and waited for my wife. While waiting, I said a lot of words against Dafa. I saw many practitioners with whom we had practiced, before they were arrested and sent to the police station. They used compassion and told people that Dafa is good. Seeing them do this, I suddenly felt that I was a traitor. I finally found my wife in Beijing. After we went back home, the local police took her into custody. I hit her after she was released, hoping that she would not go away again.

After that, I was very confused. I did not understand why the government used so many resources to persecute Falun Gong and Dafa practitioners. Was it because they went to Beijing to clarify the truth to the authorities? I had practiced Falun Gong and read Dafa books many times. The main ideas of the teachings are that Falun Gong is a high-level cultivation way of the Buddha School and that people should follow the universal principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren. Falun Gong teaches people to cultivate Truthfulness (Zhen): speak honestly, behave honestly, be an honest person, and return to the true self; to cultivate Compassion (Shan): upgrade oneself to have great compassion and not to kill other living beings; and to cultivate Forbearance (Ren): getting rid of attachments, including attachments to fame, wealth, and desire, not fighting with people, and not competing our of self-interest. I could find nothing wrong with the teachings. Nowadays, police in different areas use various brutal methods to torture Dafa practitioners. Many of them have been persecuted to death, only because they insisted on their beliefs. Many practitioners gave up their personal interests and risked their lives to go to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. They had compassionate hearts, hoping to tell more people that Dafa is good and thus save the people--including the police.

In the evening of December 15, I watched CCTV reporting that a person named Fu Yibin killed his relatives. This "news" was definitely not convincing. Dafa practitioners believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance (Zhen-Shan-Ren). Falun Gong clearly teaches people not to kill. Practitioners cannot intentionally kill animals, not to mention kill people! This person was so violent that he talked with enthusiasm about the details of killing people. He is definitely not normal. It is impossible for him to practice Falun Gong. As a citizen, I want to tell those bad people to stop creating false news against Dafa. After this event, I am able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

I regret that I did not realize the truth earlier. I regret what I said against Dafa and what I had done to dishonor Teacher. Now I solemnly declare that I want to start to cultivate Falun Dafa again!

Mainland China Dafa practitioner: Xu Zhigang on January 12, 2002

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/1/17/23342.html

Original article date: 1/17/2002

I am eighty-seven years old this year. I have never written a "guarantee"(Translator's note: a letter guaranteeing not to study Falun Dafa or practice the exercises or meet with other practitioners). But a government officer wrote a "guarantee" for me at my home. Today, I solemnly declare that the "guarantee" that he wrote for me is invalid. I have made up my mind to cultivate Falun Dafa firmly. I will follow Teacher forever to complete my cultivation journey.

Dafa practitioner: Han Chuenyan on January 9, 2002

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/1/17/23342.html

Original article date: 1/17/2002

My daughter is a practitioner. She was tortured in a forced labor camp. I conformed to the evil people's requests in order to get my daughter released from the camp. After studying the Fa, I knew that what I did was wrong. I declare that all I said or wrote to the evil people is invalid. I will cultivate firmly and totally let go of my attachments. From now on, I will cherish the cultivation opportunity that Teacher has given to the practitioners. I will redouble my efforts to make up and catch up in the Fa rectification process.

Dafa practitioner: Ma Xangwu on January 18, 2002

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/1/20/23510.html

Original article date: 1/20/2002

I went to Beijing to appeal in October of 1999. As a result, I was illegally sentenced to 1 year and 6 months of forced labor education. While in the forced labor camp, I was misled by the evil forces as well as by a few individuals who had enlightened along the evil path. Under the evil's influence and with an inadequate understanding of the Fa, I wrote the so-called "transformation letter," "renouncement letter," and "guarantee letter," and exchanged them for an "exit pass" in a dishonorable way. I was released in April 2000. After I returned home, I still stuck to my wrong doings and deceived other practitioners, resulting in some practitioners being misled along the evil path. Many practitioners handed over Falun Dafa books to the public security bureau and police stations. This had a very negative impact and caused huge loss to Dafa. I am unworthy of Master's compassionate salvation, unworthy of the chance that only comes once in tens of thousands of years. In January 2001, thanks to Master's immense compassion and timely guidance, plus the warm help from fellow practitioners, I finally extricated myself from the evil's clutches and once again took the cultivation path to follow Master in Fa-rectification. From the bottom of my heart, I feel penitent about the damage I have caused to Dafa; I will redouble my efforts to make up for it. After I realized my mistakes, I tried several times to make a solemn declaration on the Internet, but without any success. Today I finally got the chance. I solemnly declare that all the "materials" that are detrimental to Dafa, which I wrote in the detention center and at the local police station, as well as everything I said and did that are detrimental to Dafa, to be completely void. I shall recover the damage and keep up with Master's Fa- rectification process till the day when the Fa rectifies the human world.

By Dafa practitioner Xie Wenyan

January 1, 2002.

Translated on 29 January, 2002 from


Since July 20, 1999, because I went to Beijing to appeal and persisted in cultivating Falun Dafa, I was twice illegally detained and was also twice sent to the "intensified transformation class" of the forced labor camp to be brainwashed. At the beginning, I was able to persist in weighing matters based on the Fa and sticking to Dafa, but the last time while I was in the "intensified transformation class," I was unable to keep control of myself. Driven by the evil, I became confused and wrote the "Four letters,"

("transformation letter," "renouncement letter," "guarantee letter" etc). I even went so far as to publicly make a denouncement report. Looking back now, I feel so ashamed of myself that I don't know where to hide myself. It is our great compassionate Master who once again saved me and untied the knot in my heart, who cleaned out the evil, mutated thoughts in my mind and allowed me to rejoin the process of Fa-rectification. Here I would like to repent to Master, "Master, I know my mistake! I will doubly make up for it, keep up with Master's Fa rectification process and truly be a practitioner!" I would like to declare solemnly here: All the "guarantees and materials" I had written that betrayed Falun Dafa to be completely void. I want to once again be a righteous Falun Dafa practitioner, be a Dafa particle in Fa-rectification.

Dafa practitioner Zhao Yuhong

January 17, 2002.

Translated on 29 January, 2002 from


On the afternoon of April 25, 2001, my husband and I (an elderly couple) were having dinner. The evil police from the local police station came with a gang of thugs and broke into our house under the instigation of the "610 Office" of the Municipal Party Committee. They dragged and pushed us forcibly from the fifth floor, and illegally detained us in the City Detention Center. The scene of them kidnapping us was too terrible to picture. My wrists were handcuffed so tightly to the bone that they were bleeding. Our shoes were lost while we were being dragged along. My husband's upper body was stripped naked while he was being forced into the car. People who crowded around could do nothing but choke with silent fury over what they saw. Some even shed tears. In May, the ruffians again forcibly sent me to the Municipal "610 Office" brainwashing class and made use of a dozen people who had enlightened along the evil path. For 9 days, they took turns day and night forcibly brainwashing me, but they did not get anywhere. So they sent me to a forced labor camp, making me pay a rate of 250 Yuan a day for 11 days of intensified brainwashing there. Subjected to the continuous rounds of brainwashing day and night by those who had enlightened along the evil path, I became confused and deviated from Dafa. On May 19, I was sent back to the "610 Office" brainwashing class to be "consolidated." During this period, my husband came to look for me, but was forcefully detained as well to be brainwashed. It was not until September that we were released. Now through Fa study, the two of us have become awakened, and we rejoined the mighty current of Fa rectification to assist Master in the human world. We shall remain to be righteous Fa-rectification particles through the end of Fa-rectification.

Dafa particles: Chen Zhendong, Wang Shanying

January 19, 2002

Translated on January 29, 2002 from