(Clearwisdom.net) During truth clarification, we often encounter a situation where many Chinese people think that the Party brought them a better and happy life and that their living standards have kept improving. They think so, in spite of the fact that the Party is corrupt. They know how evil a dictator Jiang is, and how the media slanders others, but this does not present a problem to them. In other words, this superficially perceived economic prosperity makes many people want to preserve the current condition, and they are quite afraid of losing their vested interests. They are mainly concerned with money. The Party gives a person money, so he will turn a blind eye toward the Party's persecution of Falun Gong, ignoring the fact that many Falun Gong practitioners have been killed. By accepting this money, he could even add fuel to the flame by inadvertently participating in the persecution.

First, let's not talk about the huge economic achievements that have happened in Taiwan or how long the glory of "a mansion built on sand" will last, but let's consider where the truth lies behind China's social ideology.

Prior to economic reform and the "open-door" policy, China was very poor, and the national economy was paralyzed. It was not until after reform that the Chinese economy came alive. Many countries similar to China in ideology collapsed over a decade ago because they lacked a strong economy base. Even the Party itself does not believe in its own ideology anymore, but it still maintains its tyrannical dictatorship. What is it actually relying on, then? It is relying on a superficial economic prosperity and the so-called "largest market" in the world. This fairy tale of "economic prosperity" in China is the lifeline slogan of Jiang's criminal group. It is in this framework of inflated, perceived but actually non-existent prosperity that the persecution mechanism against Dafa is able to work. Otherwise, this persecution, which consumes huge amounts of national capital, would have failed a long time ago, precisely because the present Chinese economy is nothing more than an empty shell.

One has merely to look at state-owned enterprises. How many of them make a profit? How many under-funded accounts and dead accounts exist in the banks? How many profitable properties does the state own? What percentage of their investment can the foreign investors recoup?

The Chinese economy resembles a gravely ill patient who cannot regenerate his own blood supply and, to keep from dying, has to rely on blood transfusions to survive.

Where then is Jiang's "Blood Transfusion Lifeline?"

This "blood transfusion" comes from foreign investment sources that allow money to continuously flow into Jiang's criminal group's pockets. These people set up various programs to lure people who are pursuing quick gain to invest. Once this money has been transferred to specific government accounts, these investors will not be able to operate the way they want to. Because of his obsessive protection of power, Jiang has spent an astronomical amount of money on the persecution of Falun Gong, an activity that has lasted for nearly three years. The total financial resources that have been spent far exceed the Chinese people's and especially foreigners' imagination. He did not skimp with funds for the persecution against the most compassionate and peaceful group of people in China. How did he ensure his money would keep flowing? He chose to take away money originally allocated for building the national economy and programs that actually preserve social stability. He chose to hire spies, incite thugs and build labor camps. When he becomes in danger of running out of money, he then sets up some new programs to entice foreign investors to invest more capital in China.

"Setting up programs to attract foreign investment" has become the blood transfusion source for Jiang's criminal group. This method of operating has deceived many ordinary, uninformed investors into thinking that China has a bright economic future, causing them to mistaken the greatest "bottomless pit" for the largest "investment market." Such deliberate deception has been successful largely because Jiang's group created a smokescreen in order to entice numerous foreign investments. From a certain perspective, by relying on this "economic blood transfusion," the evil forces in the human world indeed got the stimulation needed in order for it to survive.

Then Why Do We Say "The Old Force Faces an Economic Crisis?"

Please take a look at the example below.

"On March 1, 2001, I received a letter asking for help from a non-practitioner relative of a Falun Gong practitioner. This communication was signed Wu Kong. The content of the letter is as follows: 'I need immediate legal aid. My family members practice Falun Gong and went to Beijing last year. Up until now, they have already been in Beijing for five months. The police arrested them recently. Yesterday the chief of the police department asked me over and told me the news that in one or two days they would be escorted back to Jinan. The police authorities told me to pay 5,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average urban monthly income in China] for each person, 15,000 Yuan in total, which was said to be an 'investigation fee and tuition' for a brainwashing class. I want to ask for an expert's advice:

  1. Is this a reasonable action?
  2. Is this action legal?
  3. How do I protect my rights?

"Allow me to briefly explain my situation: I have never practiced Falun Gong, and I always tried to persuade my family members not to spread Falun Gong, not to mention going to Beijing. In July 1998, they went to the provincial government and held a peaceful sit-in, which resulted in a ransacking of our home by the police. My personal computer was confiscated, and it was not returned. I can try and ignore the computer issue, but I really do not want to pay this 15,000 Yuan and I determinedly plan to refuse to pay! Officials from my workplace came and talked to me. Had I not done a good job at work as a technical expert, I would have lost my job already. Now, I don't want to lay blame, because I am still rational. I don't want to lose anything, either, because I worked hard for it. Besides, I didn't do anything wrong, so how can this be my fault? Friends, who can help me? I need to write a convincing, articulate article to tell them that I shouldn't pay this fee. Can the law help me now?" (From BoXun.com 01/24/2002)

Below is a two-point analysis of this case:

1. The economy, for a long time, has already played an important role in this persecution

This case involves the litigant and his family being robbed of their property and his facing the danger of losing his job. This person, who calls himself Wu Kong, concisely retold the tragedy that happened to his family. According to his account, three people in his family practiced Falun Gong. Later their home was ransacked because they went to Shandong's Provincial Government and held a silent, sitting protest in July 1998. His personal computer was confiscated during the home invasion, which means that implication is applied in ransacking homes. For the police authorities in charge, Falun Gong practitioners' homes can be ransacked at will. Similar incidents like this one happened back in 1998, which was one year before the Party began the nationwide suppression of Falun Gong. It is therefore not hard to imagine what the situation was like after July 22, 1999. Simply put, the practitioners were first robbed of their property on which they based their livelihood; second, their family and relatives, although they did not practice Falun Gong, were also persecuted and their basic property rights were not protected. Third, Wu Kong would have been fired if he didn't do a good job at work.

From this we can see that the economy has played an important role early on in the persecution. The evil applied the malicious "cut off financial resources" policy against Falun Gong practitioners. On the other hand, money was used as an incentive for participants in the persecution.

2. With its present financial resources, the government has difficulty maintaining the scale and intensity of the persecution

In the case stated above, it can be said that the government persecutes the property owner by robbing the victims and extorting money from their families. Police in Jinan escorted three practitioners, the family members of Wu Kong, back to Jinan, which turned into an excuse for extortion. The so-called investigation fee and brainwashing class fee, all of which are inventions of the Party, are, according to law, illegal income for police officers. Suppose the law the police authorities are executing is just, the fee then should come out of the state treasury into which the citizens pay their taxes. The police officers' salaries are paid by specific moneys allocated and from taxpayers' money, which would be the officers' deserved compensation. Persecuting one's own people is something a conscientious person, however, would not do. Therefore, even if one persecutes innocent people without receiving any payment or even using one's own money, that individual would still be committing a crime. Furthermore, if the authorities persecute Falun Gong practitioners only because they are obeying the "higher authority's" order, they are still using taxpayers' money and committing a serious crime. If we go one step further, they rob the victims, force the victims to pay for their own persecution, and in addition even ask the families of the victims to pay for the government's persecution of their loved ones! This is not "free" persecution, not "persecution under the Party's order," it is in fact, the most shameless, most debased "plunder in uniform." They are far more despicable than gangsters who are sentenced to jail or even executed. (Quotes are from the same article posted on BoXun.com)

It's not hard to imagine that if Jiang had sufficient funds, he would be willing to spend great amounts of money to persecute Falun Gong, which he is most afraid of failing. His accomplices, those participants of the persecution, now have to figure out a way to meet their own ends and satisfy their greed. Therefore, it becomes evident that Jiang's group is faced with and is in an embarrassing situation of financial shortages because of his stubborn persistence in persecuting Falun Gong. In addition, the police also subjected countless families and individuals to tremendous financial hardship and created countless economic crimes in society. How long can and will this brutal dictatorship last? How to keep it running? The old force is still relying on the strategy of attracting foreign investment.


Someone within cultivation circles once talked about a certain incident. When practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to break away from the evil force's arrangement about the economy, they saw a huge, golden web-shaped apparition in another dimension. Many practitioners are poor and have hardly any money to do Dafa work, just because the evil old force didn't build a "bridge" between this web and practitioners. Instead, they [the old forces] built a bridge for the persecutors of Dafa (and for other evil arrangements). Therefore, money didn't flow toward practitioners to be used to do Dafa work. Of course, this is only one example, because this is what one can understand from one's limited, personal state of mind. Indeed, we don't have an attachment toward money. Yet, if the old forces use money to persecute Dafa, make us penniless and we can't do the work we are supposed to do in the Fa-rectification process, isn't that a great interference for the Fa-rectification? Isn't that the greatest injustice and persecution of those beings who have money, and come to this world intending to assist the Fa-rectification financially? Isn't that pushing them toward the path of assisting the evil?

The evil force uses people's pursuit of money to garner money from abroad. Then they funnel this money through a network to the decrepit body of the evil in China to sustain its life. When we completely destroy the evil's "pipeline" in other dimensions and inverse the direction of transportation, the evil force will be cut off from its lifeline when committing crimes. Then the people who have money in the human world will have the opportunity to be positioned correctly, and our Dafa practitioners will be able to use this money to offer salvation to more people and build a solid foundation for Fa-rectification of the human world.

The arrangement of the old forces is to take for granted the persecution of great enlightened beings who came to the human world to save people, but Teacher does not acknowledge these. Fa-rectification is to break away from all arrangements made by the old forces. We should no longer delay any further on this subject in the financial arena. The cosmic changes have also brought us the conveniences to do this. As Dafa practitioners, we should realize this as soon as possible. Dafa practitioners should realize the true nature of the financial problems from the Fa principles and offer salvation to precious beings in the financial arena through truth clarification.