January 23, 2002


I used to place flyers in the baskets of people's bicycles or post literature in apartment entranceways in some communities. Although doing this might cover many people in a period of time, the actual effects clarifying truth were not as good as expected.

Truth-clarifying literature is not easily obtained these days. Practitioners risk their lives and spend much time and effort to produce them. I observed that some people took the flyers from their bicycle baskets and threw them away without reading them. In some apartment buildings, people were assigned to "dispose of" Falun Gong materials. Whenever they found literature posted on apartment doors inside their buildings, they would tear them down. So what I have been doing was not producing the expected result.

Many practitioners are now speaking out the truth of Falun Gong to their relatives. I believe this to be a better and more effective way. As for myself, since I am living far away from my relatives, I can only let them know the truth by writing letters. Another effective way that suits my situation is to hand out truth-clarifying literature on the street.

Sometimes I take my child with me. Other times I go alone. When people are on the way home from work in the afternoon, I stand on the side of a street, offering a flyer to those who pass by, saying, "Falun Dafa literature!" If they would like to have one, I give them one. Otherwise I hold onto it. In this way, I directly face people with an open and peaceful attitude. I have many good opportunities to speak directly to any concerns they may have as well as to most effectively make use of the precious truth-clarifying materials. "Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America" states, "It looks like we're [just] giving a flyer to an everyday person, and it appears that we're [just] telling everyday people the truth." To my understanding, the words "giving" and "telling" have very deep meanings.

Some people were quite pleased to accept literature from me. When people hesitated to take the materials, I would speak to them, telling them the truth about the Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident and the Fu murder case, among others. Many people changed their attitude and were willing to take the flyers to discreetly read at home after we had chatted.

One day I gave a literature to a cab driver. He said, "Do you know what I am doing? I work for a unified security team." I asked him, "If you take me to the police station, you could earn 500 Yuan, right?" He said, "I don't want to do such things. It's dirty money. I was asked to help them transport detained Falun Gong practitioners, but I never beat practitioners." I told him if he would like to have a VCD to watch at home, I could return with one for him in 20 minutes. He said pleasantly, "OK!" So I went home to get a VCD for him. He was so happy and kept thanking me.

Another time I gave a truth-clarifying picture to an elderly gentleman. He said he would take a look carefully at home. I sent him another two pictures recently.

I also met a plainclothes policeman. I gave him a piece of Falun Gong literature. He crumpled up the flyer and continued walking. I followed him and explained the truth of the immolation incident to him. He said, "It's not appropriate to arrest you at this moment." Then he turned around and walked away.

I usually go out to distribute materials by bicycle, so I could leave quickly if an urgent situation arose. We practitioners have supernormal capabilities. From whatever viewpoint, the evil forces would have no way to persecute me. In two instances, plainclothes police wanted to arrest me, but I got away on my bicycle so quickly that they were unable to catch me.

Sometimes I also had a bit fear in my mind, but I thought even if I just gave out one flyer that day, I should do it. So I went out onto the street again.

I always take truth-clarifying literature with me. One day when I was in a cab, the driver was going to play a tape. I said to him, "What are you playing? It's not clear at all. How about listening to what I brought?" Then I let the driver play a cassette about the truth of immolation incident. He was very glad to listen to what the tape talked about.

We should speak out the truth of Falun Gong from our hearts.