In a January 23, 2002, interview with Archbishop John F. Foley, the chief of the Vatican Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Taiwan president Chen Shui-Bian pointed out that there have been no religious wars in the history of the Republic of China [Taiwan] and that its citizens possess the right of religious freedom. Therefore, Falun Gong in Taiwan is neither a [Jiang's slanderous word omitted] nor a crime.

According to the report from the Central News Agency, President Chen met officially with Archbishop Foley in the afternoon to welcome him to Taiwan. This was the second time that the Archbishop has visited Taiwan since 1992.

It was reported that Foley highly praised President Chen's achievements in promoting democracy and peace and in fighting corruption. He said that these are the areas in which Taiwan surpasses Mainland China; because Taiwan is a democracy where people can live with dignity.

While the Archbishop stated his desire to see religious freedom in Mainland China, President Chen emphasized his hope to see a democratic reformation there since only a democracy could guarantee real religious freedom. Since religious freedom has always existed in the history of the Republic of China, Falun Gong is neither a [Jiang's slanderous word omitted] nor a crime in Taiwan.