(Clearwisdom.net) Chen Zhibin, male, 53-years old, is a retired Chinese Navy Officer of Unit 38625. He started practicing Falun Gong at the end of 1998. His wife, Lin Min, is a member of the Desheng Street Administrative Propaganda Office, Lushuen City, Liaoning Province. As a result of working in the propaganda office, she developed a strong bias against Falun Dafa.

In May 1995, Chen heard that Jiang Zemin had issued instructions to slander Dafa. Taking the opportunity of the Resident Council re-election, Chen became the Resident Council's Party Secretary. He then secretly investigated who had gone to Beijing to appeal on April 25th. After July 20th, this couple actively served as the evil force's tool. Chen went to the bus station to intercept Dafa practitioners in order to stop them from going to the city government to appeal. His wife even monitored and followed Dafa practitioners in their resident compound. Chen also conducted individual brainwashing sessions on the arrested Dafa practitioners. He led officials to go to each family to collect or confiscate Dafa publications and materials. His activities (including a criticism meeting, television interview and on-site video taping) caused the No. 10 residence community to become a heavily targeted area in Lushuen City, with the resulting persecution against Dafa pracitioners having a very negative impact. However, the damage to Dafa that this couple was responsible for undertaking has now received retribution in accordance with the heavenly law that those committing bad deeds will meet bad ends. Chen Zhibin was reported to the district's administration for corruption and was removed from his post. In addition, he now has contracted lymph cancer.

Here, we would like to offer our advice to those who had obtained the Fa, but who instead of cherishing the Fa, aid the evildoers to commit crimes: "Change your ways as quickly as possible, there is still a chance for salvation! Heaven's law will not tolerate this type of behaviour any longer!"