My younger daughter was born with a strong and stubborn personality. She would counter and argue with me regardless of what I told her. Although I ceaselessly instilled in her the profound meanings behind "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" as well as the relationship between "De" [virtue] and "Loss and Gain," somehow I always felt that she did not fully understand.

One day after school, my daughter came to me and told the following story, "Mom, when I got to the classroom this morning, I saw one of my girl classmates sitting on my desk with a mad look on her face. There was torn paper all over the floor. Taking a closer look I saw that those were my records of important things. I could see the confrontational mood of my classmate. She was clearly ready to challenge me to a fight. Concerned, other classmates also started to look this way. Suddenly my mind became tranquil, without the slightest feeling of anger. Mom, my head suddenly rang with your words that we must be able to tolerate. We must endure hardship in order to raise our Xinxing. She was even giving me 'De.' I was the one who gained, she was the one who stood to lose. Shouldn't I be grateful to her? With these thoughts in mind, I calmly put my bag away, cleaned up all the paper pieces and put them into the garbage can, sitting down as though nothing had happened. That girl and my other classmates who had gathered to watch the 'action' were all taken aback, astounded. Mom, I knew I couldn't have done this before. But strangely, how did I do it?"

I felt so relieved after listening to her story. I could see that the seeds of Dafa's "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" had taken root in her heart. They had influenced her actions at this crucial point, thus avoiding a potentially bad outcome from the confrontation. I truly felt that clarifying the truth and promoting the Fa with compassion and patience to people around us must never be overlooked. The Fa is powerful. Sometimes just one sentence will provide innumerable benefits to others, consequently saving them.