(Clearwisdom.net) There are many female practitioners imprisoned in Longshan Labor Camp of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The labor camp has exhausted all means to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief in order to increase the so-called "transformation rate."

From a practitioner's first day at Longshan, she is forced to attend brainwashing sessions and only allowed to sleep two to three hours, sometimes not at all. If the practitioner is persistent in not giving up cultivation, the guards torture her mentally and physically.

The guards made practitioners squat for long periods of time. If a practitioner refuses, they would force her to squat. Practitioners are not allowed to stand up for several hours. The "stand against the wall" torture keeps practitioners bent over with their backs against a wall (while facing it), with their arms held up against the wall from behind their backs. They will also "position" a Dafa practitioner, which means that several people hold her down, spread her legs, make her squat, and then push her head onto the ground between her legs and don't allow her to move. In this position, they pinch the practitioners' necks and push down on their shoulders while pulling up on their heads.

In the burning hot summer of July, they covered the practitioners with quilts and stuffed towels in their mouths to keep them from screaming. They also tied the practitioners to beds and pinched their bodies until they were black and blue with bruises. They punched the practitioners in their faces and heads, over a dozen of times or more once they started. They clutched the practitioners' hair, which caused them to bleed from the scalp, and struck their heads against concrete floor until their heads was swollen and their eyes were bleeding. They also force-fed the practitioners. On top of torturing practitioners physically, they forced the practitioners to read the book published and circulated within the judicial bureau to defame Falun Gong, and forced them to watch videotapes slandering Dafa. Moreover, dozens of perpetrators encircled one practitioner, all talking in confusing unison to insult the practitioner and slander Falun Dafa and its Founder.

If the practitioners still did not comply after this treatment, the guards would send them to Zhangshi Labor Camp, where male prisoners are imprisoned. They encouraged the male prisoners to continue with even more severe torture. Some female practitioners' hair was torn out in handfuls. Some male prisoners even sexually assaulted the practitioners. They also severely tortured the practitioners physically using torture techniques such as "Jiumeng" and "Shibameng." [Note, from surface meaning, it is 9 and 18 layers of cover, no more detailed information is available for these tortures.]

A 32-year-old female Dafa practitioner Wang Hong suffered a lot at both Longshan and Zhangshi Labor Camps. For example, she was subjected to squatting for eight hours continuously, innumerable beatings, verbal abuse, and multiple force-feedings. In late August of 2001, she was at her last breath because of the torture. Longshan Labor Camp was afraid of legal responsibility and sent her to the hospital for treatment. A few days later, she passed away. Longshan Labor Camp kept blocking all information on this case. When some people imprisoned in Longshan Labor Camp learned about this, camp officials spread the rumor that Ms. Wang was unwilling to have her disease treated. They also transferred the main person responsible for Wang Hong's persecution case to other labor camps to continue the persecution. The directors of the labor camp, division heads and section heads all pretended to not know about the case.

As for persistent Dafa practitioners, Longshan Labor Camp isolated them in the ordinary labor camp cells, not allowing their family to see them. They arranged people to monitor their every move, often calling them out for brainwashing sessions.

Evil is afraid of exposure. Internationally, "labor re-education" is illegal, so Longshan Labor Camp has a sign, "Shenyang Ortho-psychiatry School," on the front gate. The director of Longshan Labor Camp refers himself as the "president" to the outside in order to escape the world's attention. Apparently they were afraid of their crimes being exposed, for the people that they persecute are good people who believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance."

When family members came to visit, the vicious guards of Longshan Labor Camp would put the portrait of the Falun Gong Founder on the floor of the entrance, forcing everybody to step on it, so that they could identify Falun Gong practitioners.

When they torture practitioners, the vicious guards always chose an isolated room in order not to let more people know. Then they continue their criminal deeds while denying everything publicly.

The guards took every chance to cover up their evil deeds. For example, in the middle of October 2001, they prepared written materials to praise Director Li Fengshi, who was in charge of the persecution, and the No. 1 division chief Li Jifeng. They planned to use their personal connections to make it into a newspaper article or television program in Beijing, in order to further spread lies and false propaganda.

Because of the rapid development of Fa rectification process, the vicious people in Longshan Labor Camp no longer dare to be as rampant as they used to be. They dare not to arbitrarily beat Dafa practitioners. They are more afraid of taking the legal responsibility of Dafa practitioners' lives. This is the fear of the evil toward the righteous. It is an embodiment of the incomparable mighty power of the Fa rectification process.

January 15, 2002