(Clearwisdom.net) "We should be released with a verdict of innocent!" A Dafa practitioner's righteous voice shocked the judges in the courtroom. The presiding judge hurriedly stopped the practitioner, saying "I won't listen to what you say about Falun Gong." It was the last scene of the drama that took place on January 15, 2002, at Wuhan City Wuchang District Middle People's Court.

After we had received information that judges from Wuchang District Middle People's Court were going to open the trial for the five practitioners--Zhou Xiaojun, Zhou Qiong (husband and wife), Yuan Qing, Zhou Jinghua (husband and wife) and Xu Jia--some Wuhan City practitioners arrived early in front of the courthouse. Practitioners were holding one thought, "Use righteous thoughts to eliminate evils; the court will release the practitioners with a verdict of innocent."

When five practitioners showed up in court, some other practitioners immediately stood up and made the gesture of Heshi [two hands are held vertically and pressed together in front of one's chest] to them to show their respect and encouragement. The judges appeared shocked, and looked at them numbly. No one dared to interrupt. After a while, the trial commenced. A practitioner sitting in front started to send forth righteous thoughts, with one hand upright in front of her chest. The judges were scared and asked the police to remove the practitioner from the courtroom. The trial continued. Facing evils, our five practitioners were very calm, holding no blame, hate or fears, but displayed gentle smiles. The presiding judge talked and talked, and suddenly stuttered, because a practitioner sent out the righteous thought, "let him stutter." Dafa will never allow the evils to test Dafa!

The practitioner who was removed from the court stood in the hallway sending out righteous thoughts. None of the policemen who had gathered in the hallway came up to interrupt her. At the time, relatives who were waiting for other trials came up surrounded this practitioner, asking who was on trial inside. When they found out Dafa practitioners were on trial, some people immediately said, "Why do they arrest practitioners?" More and more people crowded around. What a precious opportunity to spread the truth about Dafa. The practitioner who had been removed from the courtroom then started to tell the story, beginning with the April 25, 1999 peaceful appeal at Zhongnanhai to the truth about the "Tiananmen Self-Immolation incident." The practitioner also related that Falun Gong teaches people compassion and told of the recent two years' torture and persecution experienced by Dafa and practitioners. A person from the crowd said, "If they did not make up the facts, they would not have any reasons to persecute you." With the practitioner's reasonable explanations, the listeners were getting clearer and clearer about the truth. Dafa practitioners are demonstrating Dafa's compassion, kindness, righteousness and forbearance to the public.

The trial had finished. Right after the judges dismissed everyone, a practitioner immediately returned to the courtroom and put up a Dafa banner there. The judges did not imagine that, just moments after they had piled up "criminal facts" on practitioners about "Painting words, distributing Dafa materials, etc," a banner would show up in the courtroom.

Dafa is indestructible! Dafa practitioners are indestructible!