Policewoman Ren Xinhua from Xiguan Station in Huaiyang County, Henan Provice, did evil towards Dafa by illegally arresting many Dafa practitioners. Her conduct brought disasters on her relatives. In mid-January her elder brother felt uncomfortable and went to the hospital. He died while having an injection.

The director of Huaiyang County Detention Center in Henan Province, nicknamed Laoyi, beat and brutally tortured Dafa disciples many times. Now he suffers from a broken leg and cannot go to work. We would like to warn Wang Xingqi and other vicious policemen in the same Detention Center: stop committing evil deeds immediately!

Ren Wei, commissar of Huaiyang County Police Department, Henan Province, had the sole duty of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He illegally broke in and ransacked Dafa practitioners' homes on many occasions, extorted money, and arrested Dafa disciples who went to appeal. Now the procuratorial agency of the local government has placed a case on file for investigating and prosecuting him.

In Anshan City's Forced Labor Re-Education Camp, three "collaborators" who had turned away from Dafa, Hong Yun, Zhang Hua, and Zhou Lixia, beat Dafa practitioners. Now they have all received retribution for their deeds. They are doubled over from sickness and leg cramps. Song Sukun persecuted Dafa disciples. Her mother is now critically ill, and Song suffers extreme pain in her leg.

Zou Huatian, vice-commissar of the Liaoyang City's Re-Education Camp, Liaoning province, tried to brainwashed Falun Gong practitioners by force. Now he suffers angina pectoris. Zou's cell phone is 86-13008280284 and home phone is 86-419-4128284. Team leader Wu Yanjing directly persecuted Dafa disciples, and he is now suffering from hepatitis. Wu's cell phone is 86-13019903511. Li Chengcai, the former director of the Custodial Center, persecuted practitioners, and he has been detained for taking bribes.

-- Zhang Guosheng, director of Jilin City's Criminal Investigation Brigade, persecuted Dafa disciples, and now he is being prosecuted for taking bribes.