1. The power is great when sending forth righteous thoughts with a pure heart.
  2. A little while ago, my school was making arrangements to hold a photo exhibition that stigmatized Dafa and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." Because of the large number of students, we were divided into two groups and were supposed to see the show separately. Hearing this news, I felt very sad. So many innocent beings would be taken to receive the evil education, what should I do? I sent forth righteous thoughts that my fellow students must not see the show so that they would not be poisoned. I recited the Fa-rectification verse. My heart was very pure, without any distracting thoughts. And suddenly a miracle happened. The students who had just left the campus and had not yet entirely reached the exhibition came back. The leader of the group repeatedly said: "We were not able to see it. The next group will not go over there either. Nothing can be seen, it is so dark in there." I deeply experienced Teacher's compassion and greatness, as well as "Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful."

    Recently, the predestined relationship was ready for my parents to obtain the Fa. I gave them Teacher's lecture audiotapes and let them listen. One day, they wanted to listen to the tape, but the tape recorder just would not work. They said: "We don't know what is wrong with the tape recorder, we just can't listen." I said: "This is interference to prevent you from obtaining the Fa. But if your heart for cultivation practice is not moved, no one will move you. Let me see if it is working?" As soon as I touched the button, Teacher's voice came out. My father said: "It is so strange, that it doesn't work when I use it; how come it works when you use it?" I smiled.

  3. The power is great when sending forth righteous thoughts with a steady heart.
  4. On New Year's Eve of 2002, two fellow practitioners and I went out together to hang Dafa banners. In order to make it inconvenient for the evil to take the banners down, we tried our best to hang them as high as possible. But even with a lot of effort, we still could not hang many. In addition, taxis and pedestrians kept passing by. We then simply calmed down, emptied our minds for a while, and sent forth righteous thoughts. When we started again, the situation was changed. Almost every effort was successful. Taxis disappeared from the street, and pedestrians did too. On the way back, we summarized our experiences: At first, when we sent out righteous thoughts, we still could not hang the banners. It was because our hearts were not steady enough. Although our mouths were reading the Fa-rectification verse, we did not use our hearts. It was just as Teacher said: "While chanting the Buddha's name repeatedly with one's mouth, one's mind thinks about everything" (Zhuan Falun). Besides, with a heart of fear, how could we powerfully send forth righteous thoughts? As Falun Dafa practitioners, if we are not able to dissolve into the Fa, it will be very difficult to hold the "spontaneous thought." That "spontaneous thought" is exactly the distinction between Gods and humans! In order to hold that "spontaneous thought" well, we have to study the Fa more with our full attention and do things attentively.

    The above are my personal experiences and understandings. I'd like to share them with fellow practitioners for mutual encouragement.