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On November 29 2001, 25 practitioners detained on the first floor of the Hulu Island Re-education Center [a place where people are tortured and brainwashed], Liaoning province, went on a hunger strike to demand their unconditional release. That morning the policemen, led by the head of the discipline department Zhang Fusheng, went into the apartment. When an officer, Liu Guowen, read aloud a fabricated article, saying it was from Teacher Li [for the purpose of confusing the practitioners], practitioner Tian Zhanliang emphatically denied it. That same afternoon the team leader Liu Jiawen called Tian Zhanling out and took him to the cafeteria on the second floor, where policemen from the discipline department beat him with electric batons for several hours. Tian could not move for a long time, and his ribs were broken. His injury was so serious that he would feel extreme pain when coughing. They refused to give him any medicine. Another practitioner Cong Guozhi was also taken out for a "talk."

The commune reported this to the city committee. The president of the Political and Judiciary Committee Zhou Fenming took charge of the police officers who then abducted 8 practitioners staying on the west side from their beds the following night. Most of the practitioners were not wearing shoes or a coat. Three practitioners who lived in the east side in the Hao apartment were badly beaten by numerous policemen from the commune and taken away by force. Ren Xiaobei and Yu Changwen were gagged with towels. Eleven practitioners were sent to Luhu Island detention center. Practitioners Ren Xiaobei and Zhou Weisheng were put in heavy shackles the following day and force-fed.

At the same time, Luhu Island Commune officers, personally monitored by the director, ferociously beat the rest of the practitioners who continued their hunger strike. They used 30 high-voltage electric batons to cruelly torture the practitioners.

Practitioner Li Guanghai was shocked by seven or eight electric batons for over half an hour. His face was seriously deformed, and he could not be recognized after he came back. He could not eat solid food, only liquids through a straw. He was not able to stand but had to lie on a bed for over 20 days, and was not able to defecate for 18 days.

Practitioner Wang Hongting was shocked by seven or eight electric batons and then beaten with a leather belt for over 40 minutes. The room was full of the smell of burnt flesh from the electric batons when he was carried out of the door. The unbearable stench filled the corridor as well. He was force-fed the next day, and one of his teeth was broken off and pulled out.

Practitioner Wang Yueqi, over 50 years old, was stripped naked, and because his back had been severely injured, he had to sleep face down. Practitioner Qian Peng was beaten three times with electric batons and shocked twice when water was splashed on his body. The policeman said, "We will send this guy away anyway, so we will beat him longer." He was transferred a couple of days later.

The rest all suffered different degrees of severe beatings, were handcuffed by one hand to their beds, and released after six or seven days.

On December 1, policeman Liu Guohua forced the practitioners against their will to watch a video that attacked Dafa. The practitioners resisted, and many of them were taken out for brutal beatings. The practitioner Shang Erliang withstood a severe beating that lasted for several hours.

On December 4, six practitioners came back from the detention center. All were injured to varying degrees. Wang Chu, who was beaten especially violently, suffered broken ribs and enormous swelling on the right side of his face.

The environment in this entire area has become very restrictive. Nobody can visit the practitioners. The practitioners are monitored one by one and any activities are under strict supervision. The resident doctor Wang Dalu is especially evil. During March, 2001, when he force-fed a practitioner, he dissolved a bag of salt weighing about one jin [one jin is equal to 500 grams] in the soup and then fed it to four practitioners, including practitioner Chen Dewen who was later tortured to death. The doctor force-fed a practitioner who was newly transferred and had been on a hunger strike elsewhere. The doctor also handcuffed the practitioner to the bed and took off the bed board so that the practitioner's body was hanging in the air, with only a small wooden board supporting his waist from underneath.

During this persecution, all of the local policemen made an appearance. The known names of the ones who tortured the practitioners are: Wang Shengli, Zhang Fusheng, Song, Guo from discipline department, Li Jian and Song Dadui from Group #1, Yang, the head of the #2 general education group, Wang Zhuzhen, Zhang Guozhu, Yang, the head of grocery department, and Cui Xiaodong. There were over 20 policemen involved.