(Clearwisdom.net) In the morning, when I was downloading Dafa truth-clarification materials from the Internet, the computer's keyboard suddenly "malfunctioned" again. Similar situations have happened before. Usually after I re-started the computer, the keyboard restored normally. However, when I re-started the computer today, the keyboard still did not work. "What is wrong?" I felt somewhat agitated.

I earnestly looked within myself. I discovered that, when I did Dafa work, I did not realize that I displayed the attachments of competing, vanity, and pursuing fame. Moreover, they were displayed very seriously--for example, who did more Dafa jobs, who did the jobs better, whose articles were published more on the Internet. Sometimes, I first looked at whether the articles I sent were published or not when I logged onto the Internet and so on.

Then, I enlightened: These attachments have been exposed. It is time to get rid of them.

I gently said to the computer keyboard,: "Hello, keyboard! You have given me a lot of help in these past two years when I helped the Teacher with Fa-rectification. Thank you! I know you have a spirit. You can understand what I am saying. Right now is the time of Fa-rectification. All lives are re-positioning themselves. You've continuously worked very well. At the last and the most crucial time of Fa-rectification, what is wrong with you? Sometimes, we make mistakes, but we should correct them when we know our mistakes! You should know that those complying with Dafa will have a glorious future and those destroying Dafa will certainly be eliminated. I cannot make decisions for you. You yourself choose what you should do. I hope that you make a wise choice." After I said that, I re-started the computer. Ah, everything returned to normal. I finished my work on the Internet smoothly. At the same time, I deeply realized another connotation of the sentence "all things have spirit."