January16, 2002


(1) Adverse Environment

In a cell with an area less than 30 square meters [approx. 300 sq.ft.] 48 people are imprisoned. In the summer, it is common to suffer from heatstroke and it is very difficult to breathe. In order to cope with such a torturous environment, people have to take turns sleeping in three shifts. Because it is so crowded, they have to crouch up in tight sitting positions and sleep sitting up, being forced to sit everywhere, the floor, the latrine, etc.

(2) Unscrupulous Extortion

The wardens force all of the detainees to use their own money to buy basic necessities from the detention center like underwear, quilts, socks and washing utensils. In order to make a profit, they inflate the price of these items by three to four times. The price of vegetables is increased by four to six times. Normal meals consist of one steamed black bun for breakfast and a piece of cornbread with potato or onion soup for lunch and dinner. The potatoes and onions are unwashed and muddy. The food is extremely filthy, and it will make you vomit and have diarrhea if you eat it.

The wardens even make the detainees do the warden's and the warden's families laundry for them.

(3) Bloody Violence

When the detained Falun Dafa practitioners asked to talk with Lin Yougui, the officer from the "610 office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary system] responsible for their detainment and persecution, the detention center official they asked rejected the appeal with the excuse that "he had no time." As a result, the practitioners had no choice but to appeal to the detention center deputy, Sun Jingjiang. When practitioner Wen Jie delivered the written appeal to him, he answered ferociously, "I have nothing to say to you!" Instead, he wanted to beat her. He then ordered a warden named Qin Yanjie to take her away and beat her. To protest the beating, the practitioners went on a hunger strike.

On the fourth day of the hunger strike, a warden ordered Wen Jie and Zhang Shuzhe (another practitioner) to follow him for a meeting with Lin Yougui. He led the practitioners into a room. Then, without any explanation, he shoved Wen Jie to the ground and viciously pinned her down with his knee in her chest and his hand on her head, choking her neck with his other hand at the same time. She was unable to breathe. She was so violently choked that the skin was broken and her neck was covered in blood. The warden slapped and pinched her until he became exhausted. Meanwhile, Zhang Shuzhe was beaten by the deputy general officer himself.

After the beatings, the practitioners were handcuffed and sent to cell #5, a dark and dank place where they were constantly watched by a few criminal inmates doing favors for the guards. The practitioners located in cell #1 began to protest loudly. General Officer Lin and some wardens rushed into the cell to ferociously beat and kick the practitioners to the ground. One practitioner received a bloody nose and her teeth were knocked loose. To try and stop him from kicking the others, an old female practitioner caught the leg of officer Lin. Rather than stopping however, he turned around and kicked her in the ribs instead. She had the wind knocked out of her, and her frail body, weak after several days of hunger strike, could no longer support itself. Two practitioners picked her up and put her on the bed board and all of them shouted for the officers to stop the violence. Officer Lin then went over to them, snatching an elderly woman by the hair and smashing her against the wall. A lock of her hair was pulled out and her mouth and nose were bloody. Bruised badly around the ribs, she could not rest comfortably and tossed and turned in her sleep throughout the night.