(Clearwisdom.net) We have discovered that clarifying the truth to family members of fellow practitioners is something easily overlooked by many Dafa practitioners. Many family members of practitioners have great predestined relationships, and how well a family environment is rectified directly relates to a practitioner's ability to go out and do Dafa work. At the same time, by helping practitioners save their family members, we are also helping them to realize their own unfulfilled wishes.

One fellow practitioner was viciously persecuted by people in his work unit and was illegally imprisoned in a brainwashing class. Two other fellow practitioners then promptly went to his home to clarify the truth to his family members and explain the illegality of the persecution. Within the strong righteous field of Dafa practitioners, the family members formed a right understanding of Dafa and confidently went to the work unit everyday to request the practitioner's release. This effectively suffocated the evil.

Another young practitioner was illegally imprisoned in a detention center. The parents did not understand their son, so they did not even send clothes or money to him. After practitioners learned about this, they regularly sent necessities to this practitioner, and brought gifts while visiting the two elderly parents. They fully clarified the truth, and as a result, the elderly couple was moved to tears and began to respect Dafa and Dafa disciples.

Another practitioner was illegally sent to a labor camp for distributing truth-clarifying materials. In a rush, her mother forgot to bring her clothes on her visit from another region. A fellow practitioner gave some of her own clothes to the mother, which deeply moved her. Later the mother mentioned this incident and said, "Previously, I didn't like to see practitioners interacting with each other, but now I have personally experienced that you are all the kind of good people that are hard to find."