(Clearwisdom.net) The following are cases written by Falun Gong practitioners demonstrating how they have been persecuted in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province.

1. Han Limin, female, 44, an employee of the Northern Machinery Company, Inc., Jiamusi City, was arrested on her way to Beijing to appeal in February 2000. She was first detained with 16 other people in a small room for several days at the Beijing branch of the Jiamusi City Police. Then she was escorted back to the city and detained in the city's detention center for about 60 days. Due to pressure from the police from Yonghong Sub-Bureau, her family paid 1000 yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan], and her company paid 2250 yuan to get her released. The company then laid her off until August 2000, which caused her to lose an income of 1780 yuan for that period.

2. I am Tang Fengkun, female, 55, a worker of the Jiamusi Flax Factory. I was arrested in Beijing for appealing in November 2000. I was first detained in Beijing for 12 days. When I was escorted back to Jiamusi, I was fined 1000 yuan, and then I was asked to pay an additional sum of 4000 yuan for expenses incurred during my detention. Actually the fine paid for all expenses was consumed by the escorting police for food, train tickets, etc. On May 28, 2001, I was arrested by police from Yonghong Sub-Bureau for no reason, detained for 39 days, and forced to pay a fine of 500 yuan.

3. I am Wu Congguo, male, 57, a resident of Qianjin Village in the suburb of Jiamusi City. I was arrested and detained for 89 days just because I tried to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to governmental officers. I was severely abused both physically and mentally during my detention.

4. I am Zhang Yanping, female, 43, a clerk of the Nongken Dasha. On October 11, 2000, I was arrested with other practitioners and detained for five hours at Tiananmen Police Station. We were illegally confined by Yu Lianhong, Wei Maoxiang, and Tian Baojiang of the Nongken Dasha for three days, and then escorted back to Jiamusi. I was charged 3400áyuan for travel expenses that actually were used to pay for the police officer's expenditures as well. On October 13, policeman Wang Lianmin sent me from Qianjin Sub-Bureau to Jiamusi Detention Center supposedly for 15 days; however, I was actually detained there for 41 days. Wang forced my family to pay him 2000 yuan, but he did not give them a receipt. During the detention period, I went on a hunger strike and was harshly force-fed. On December 2, the Qianjin Sub-Bureau took 1500 yuan away from me, and the detention center charged me 600 yuan for food. When I was released on December 14, 2000, my company fired me. Then local police and the "610" officers from my former company frequently harassed me at home.

5. Yuan Jianghong, female, 36, another former clerk of the Nongken Dasha, Jiamusi, was also arrested and detained together with Zhang Yanping in both Beijing and Jiamusi. During her 41-day detention in Jiamusi, she went on hunger strikes several times to protest her illegal detention. For that reason she was force fed. After she was finally released, she was unemployed. The local police and the "610"officers from her former company also frequently went to her home to bother her. Her life has been seriously disrupted.

6. I am Yu Xiaoqing, female, 43, a clerk at the post office in Jiamusi City. I was arrested in Beijing on January 24, 2001. After I was escorted back to Jiamusi, I was put in the detention center. Because I insisted on practicing Falun Gong exercises, I was forced to wear some heavy implements of punishment, and to stay in the "backing up an airplane" posture for up to 3.5 hours (for a description of this and other forms of torture used in China's jails and labor camps, see (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html).

Because I went on hunger strikes, I was forcibly fed with a tube that damaged my esophagus and caused me to lose a lot of blood. I was also injected with some unknown drugs twice, while the officer shouted, "This is to destroy your gong!" During a force-feeding, for nodding to another practitioner I was beaten by officer Cui with a bamboo stick until I could not sit up. I had to lie in bed on my side for one week. After I was released, I went to Beijing to appeal again on June 13, 2000. I was arrested and sentenced to 1-year of forced labor education. After the term finished I was released, but I was illegally arrested again in Mudanjiang City and detained for 70 days.

7. I am Dai Lixia, female, a resident of Qianjin district in Jiamusi. I was arrested in Beijing on February 3, 2000. Then I was held at the detention center in Jiamusi and released on April 10 after my family paid 6000 yuan. On June 11, 2000, some policemen broke into my home, arrested me, and detained me for 25 days. I was released on July 6 because my family asked the city police bureau to release me so that I could attend my father-in-law's funeral. On July 2, 2000, I was seen with another practitioner at a commuter shuttle station and suspected of exchanging information, so three policemen arrested me again and detained me for 23 days. This left my 16-year old daughter home alone. After my daughter appealed many times, I was released on August 12, 2000.

On the evening of the seventh day after I was released, three policemen broke into my home after 9 p.m. for no reason and without showing any documents, searched my home and took both my daughter (a non-practitioner) and me to the police station. My daughter begged the police, "Please do not send my mother to the detention center. Without my mother, I really cannot live alone or continue going to school." However, those unsympathetic police did not listen to my daughter, but sent me to the detention center anyway. It was after midnight and it was raining heavily. My daughter was picked up by a practitioner later. This time I was detained for 17 days.

During the detention period, I suffered inhuman treatment. The steamed bread was made of moldy bran or husks, and often not steamed well enough. The soup had no seasoning oil and no flavor. The cell was damp and very crowded. I was routinely cursed and beaten.

8. Li Chunlan, female, 53, a worker at the Third Department of the First Construction Company of Jiamusi City, was arrested on February 18, 2000 for going to Beijing to appeal. She was sent by Shi Xiuwen of Yonghong Police Sub-Bureau to a detention center and detained for 88 days. After her release, she was arrested again for practicing Falun Gong exercises and detained for 12 days. She went on a hunger strike during those 12 days. When she was forcibly fed with corn flour and salt water, she almost choked to death. After her release, she was arrested again on October 5, 2000 for going to Beijing to appeal. She was detained at the Lixian County police station in a suburban area of Beijing. After she went on a hunger strike for three days, she was transferred to Daxing County detention center where she was forcibly fed and tortured. She was not allowed to sleep. They made her stand straight up for 24 hours a day. Later, she was escorted back into the detention center in Jiamusi for 45 days. She carried on another hunger strike for 3 days. On December 1, 2000, she was sentenced to forced labor "re-education" and given a heavy workload.

9. Li Jingyun, female, 38, was working at the Jiamusi Hotel. She was arrested in August 2001, and detained for 67 days. Later she was fined with a so-called "warrantee fee" of 1500 yuan and laid-off by the hotel. Responsible individuals for her case include Yang Yuting of the Jiamusi Hotel, Shi Xiuwen and Guo Weishan of the Yonghong Police Sub-Bureau.

10. I am Liu Xiaobin, male, 46, and I worked at the Jiamusi Paper Mill. I was arrested in February 2000 for going to Beijing to appeal and detained in Jiamusi detention center for 2 months. One day in July 2001, police from a branch of the Paper Mill and Dongfeng Sub-Bureau illegally searched my home, and arrested and detained a practitioner who was visiting me. Helped by a fair-minded neighbor, I escaped from the misguided police. Other practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts to help me as well. To avoid being arrested again I left my home. This left my teenage child at home alone. Then the police from Dongfeng Sub-Bureau went to threaten my elderly parents many times, trying to learn my whereabouts. They also called my child to the police station to get information about me, which obviously scared my child very much and left her somewhat traumatized. Since that time, my company has suspended my salary. My child went to my company to ask for some basic life support, but got nothing.

11. I am Song Tao, male, 34, a clerk at Jiamusi People's Bank. At noon on August 16, 2000, police took me from my workplace for passing Master Li's articles to others. My home was searched. That evening, I was locked into a little room in the Police Bureau, where I was beaten, tortured, cursed, slapped on the face, pummeled on my chest, kicked in the abdomen, suffocated with smoke, and forced to hold the "flying posture" for a long time by Wu Zhe (Captain), Xue (a department chair), Sun Zhenpeng, and Jin Yong. I was illegally detained until December 9, 2000.

On the evening of August 24, 2001, I came back from Harbin where I had been on business. When I got off the train, I was arrested by the Rail Police of Jiamusi for handing out Falun Gong flyers. My home was also searched. A policeman slapped my face in front of my wife, my son, and the head of the security department of my company. That night I was sent to the detention center of the Rail Police. In the detention center I claimed that practicing is legal, and I went on a hunger strike to protest my illegal detention. I was handcuffed to a specially designed iron frame by officer Yuan Hua for two days and taunted.

On October 16, I was tortured until I was near death, and then I was released after paying 6000 yuan for bail. After being released for just a few days, the rail police called me to their office and interrogated me again. They also went to my wife's company and harassed her. To avoid being illegally arrested again, I had to leave my home.

Since August 16, 2000, my bank suspended many of my benefits and threatened to fire me and send me to brainwashing class if I didn't stop practicing Falun Gong. I have been watched while working in the bank.

12. I am Liu Yanya, female, 51, a worker of the Northern Machinery Factory. On December 12, 2000, on the way to Beijing to appeal, I was arrested on the train. I was then escorted from Shenyang Detention Center to Jiamusi Detention Center and jailed there until December 23, 2000. An officer from Jiafang security department and Wang Jianjun, an officer from my factory security department escorted me back home from Shenyang. They charged me 300 yuan and my family 1500 yuan for "escorting fees." Yonghong Police Sub-Bureau also took 3000 yuan from me as a so-called "fine."

13. I am Liu Qingchen, male, 31, a resident of Sifeng Township of Jiamusi City. I was arrested on June 5, 2000 for going to Beijing and detained in the Jiamusi Detention Center for 15 days. I was fined 3000 yuan, and an "escort fee" of 5000 yuan to cover the expenses of two directors and Instructor Jiang (nobody knows how they could spend so much).

14. I am Tang Hongwei, female, 31, a worker at Heilong Fertilizer and Pesticide Inc. On October 2, 1999, I was arrested on my way to Beijing by police from Qianjin Station, and illegally sentenced to 2-years of forced labor education. In addition, the "610" officer Liu Yan and Zhang Tongzhen fined my company 5000 yuan; and a captain from the Qianjin Sub-Bureau charged me 1800 yuan for "travel fees," although I had already paid my travel fee. In the labor camp, I was not allowed to study Dafa or practice the exercises. I was not even allowed to talk to others. Two criminal inmates were ordered to watch each Dafa practitioner. Whoever was found practicing Falun Gong would have her term extended. She would also be ordered to stand upright for a long time or to run many laps as a punishment. If one was found trying to practice the sitting meditation, her legs would be forcibly separated, or she would be shocked with an electronic baton. We were often searched for Dafa materials. One time, when I started a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment, I was beaten and forcibly fed so abusively that my nose bled profusely.

15. Du Haijin, male, 82, is a resident of the 58th Community, Model Village, Songjiang Township. He was fined 3000 yuan for going to Beijing to safeguard Dafa on November 6, 2001.

16. I am Huang Weizhong, male, 39, a worker of the Friendship Candy Factory in Jiamusi City. In October 1999, I was arrested and escorted back from Beijing, and held at the detention center for 102 days. To pay for my release, officer Shi Xiuwen from Yonghong Sub-Bureau took 3000 yuan from my family and 5000 yuan from my factory, and the detention center also charged me 1000 yuan for a so-called "food fee." During the detention period, I was infected with scabies over my whole body. I was not cured until six months after I was released.

On August 15, 2000, while I was passing out flyers with the truth about Falun Gong from a riverside tower, police on the river arrested me. I was sent to the Jiamusi Police Bureau, then Yonghong Sub-Bureau, and locked into the detention center that night. During my detention, officer Guo Weishan and Captain Ma of the Yonghong Sub-Bureau tortured me cruelly. They hit and kicked me, slapped my face as they held my hair, and made me hold some torturous positions, such as "flying an airplane" and "driving a motorcycle" (without pants). Another policeman lit two cigarettes and held them under my nose. Guo Weishan also viciously cursed Master Li and Dafa, and insulted my wife and me. He said, "I will sentence you to 10 years of forced labor education, break up your family, make your wife marry someone else, and lock you in the No. 0 secret cell and let rats and snakes bite you, etc." They searched my home, seized a lot of audio and video tapes, CD's, Master's pictures, and other Dafa material, as well as my meditation cushion. They sentenced me to 3-years of forced labor education. My family paid 10,000 yuan to someone in charge so that I was released on September 14th.

17. I am Jing Yuhua, female, 42, a worker of the Jiamusi Thermal Electricity Company. In January 2000, I went to Beijing to demonstrate for Dafa, then I was arrested and sentenced to 15 days of detention. Instead, I was detained for 80 days. During that period, I was often searched for books. Because other practitioners and I went on a hunger strike to protest our illegal detention, we were forced to bend down in a torturous posture. When we did not meet their requirements, we were beaten. We were injected with some drugs, and forcibly fed with salty water. Qianjin Sub-Bureau asked my family to pay 5000 yuan for my release. Since my family did not have enough money, I was detained until March 18th and tortured until I was near death.