Latest News From China

Today, 186 people published solemn declarations stating that all their past words and actions that did not conform to Dafa are completely void. From now on, they will cultivate with determination and follow Teacher closely. A practitioner who had once gone down an evil path deeply regrets that he did not validate Dafa and instead defamed Dafa. He vowed to use his life to redouble his efforts and make up the loss, and he vowed to clear away the filth on his body during the process of clarifying the truth, safeguarding Dafa, and joining in the mighty torrent of Dafa's promotion.

On January 16, Nanguan District Court in Changchun City of Jilin Province tried to illegally sentence thirteen Falun Dafa practitioners. The practitioners' relatives and many other Dafa practitioners walked into the court righteously and sternly asked for the release of their relatives. Dafa flyers were posted on the corridor of the court, and the practitioners called out together "Falun Dafa is good." The righteousness frightened the evil, so the evil had to cancel the illegal trial. The practitioners from Teacher's hometown took another outstanding step during Fa-rectification.

Here is concrete evidence of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan's group profaning the law and trampling human rights. All the Falun Dafa practitioners who have been arrested and detained are accused of "disturbing public order" and other groundless "charges" without any legal basis. One practitioner was arrested on the bus for no reason and was unreasonably sentenced to one year of forced labor on the charge of "assembling a crowd and creating a disturbance." On the official form, the section that was meant for the description of the crime was left blank, because there was really nothing that could be added.

Fan Xiuyun, a 60-year-old practitioner, was forced to leave home to avoid illegal arrest and roamed the streets for over five months. Using righteous thoughts she escaped the persecution by Yudong Police Station and Tangu Police Station in Shijiazhuang City three times. She was arrested again by the vicious police on December 29. She was illegally detained at the No. 2 Detention Center in Shijiazhuang City. Now her family is being asked to pay for her to be sent to a brainwashing class. We sincerely hope she can get out and we will send forth righteous thoughts to help Mrs. Fan get out of the demon's den.

The self-told experience of a practitioner at Hewan Forced Labor Camp in Wuhan City: On the evening of May 14, 2001, nine other practitioners and I were tricked into being brought to Hewan Forced Labor Camp. All of our personal belongings and letters were confiscated. On June 25th, we were brutally beaten by a prisoner when we were taking our evening shower. We held a hunger strike to request justice and were brutally force-fed. However, this prisoner was rewarded and even released early by the labor camp.

News From Abroad

Many United Kingdom Congressmen have publicly proclaimed their support for Falun Gong. Recently, they received materials slandering Falun Gong from the Chinese consulate in London. The Congressmen thought the materials were "laughable" and lacked any credibility. Similar incidents have happened in Sweden and other countries.

During Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan's visit to the UK, Falun Gong practitioners and supporters gathered outside the Chinese Embassy on January 16, 2002. They were there to call for the immediate termination of the brutal persecution of Falun Gong and its practitioners in China. To avoid seeing the practitioners Tang used the side door of the Embassy.

In order to raise funds for the victims of a fire in Sydney, Falun Gong practitioners held a Chinese art benefit event featuring practitioner Zhang Cuiying's paintings. On that day, practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to dispel the dark clouds and the looming rain so the event could carry on without interference. This testified to the practitioners' strong belief in the magnificent power of their righteous thoughts.

The Education Division of the Chinese Embassy in France is open every Saturday afternoon to students from China. Practitioners use this opportunity to clarify the truth to the students. Most of the students willingly accept Dafa literature, and some with smiles. Many passers-by stop to look at the display boards and talk with the practitioners.

On January 12 to 13, practitioners in Peru joined the two-day global candlelight vigil. They made use of the opportunity to clarify the truth to the police patrolling outside the Chinese Embassy.

On the afternoon of January 16, 2002, the Chinese Painting Charity Exhibition for the wildfires in Sydney by Zhang Cuiying concluded smoothly. The guests made speeches showing their appreciation for Ms. Zhang's compassion for the people in the disaster areas. Ms. Zhang talked about her experiences of being persecuted in the prisons in China and appealed to the people to stop the vicious persecution together. Afterwards, the ceremony to hand in the charity funds was held.

Breaking through the Blockade, Clarifying the Truth and Saving People

Before I call Mainland China I send forth righteous thoughts. At times some vicious people shout loudly on the other side. I usually order them to "be quiet"! They suddenly stop and generally listen for about 5 minutes. I would try my best to tell them the truth from several perspectives, and meanwhile adjust my tones based on their reactions.

Stories of Cultivation

December 29, 2001 we three Falun Gong practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to send forth righteous thoughts. Soon the policemen guarding the Tiananmen Fort went away. We unfolded the banners at the same time and shouted: "Falun Dafa is Good! Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa!" etc. Many tourists praised: "Look at these Falun Gong practitioners!" We left safely the same day.

The Fa-Rectification Story of Falun Gong Practitioners - Chen Aizhong and His Family

All of Chen's six family members practice Falun Gong. They went to Beijing many times to appeal for Falun Gong. His father, his younger brother and younger sister were all illegally sentenced and sent for labor education. Chen Aizhong was tortured to death on September 21, 2001. His mother went to Tiananmen to validate Dafa on New Year's Day. At present no one knows her whereabouts.