Thursday, January 10, 2002 in Proserpine, Queensland, was proclaimed Falun Dafa Day.

The day started out with some interference as we had stayed the night in Mackay rather than traveling straight through to Prosperine. We encountered problems on the road and ended up arriving slightly later than anticipated.

The Mayor of Prosperine, Mr. Mario Demartini, popped by just after we set up our gazebo and photo exhibits to introduce himself. He let us know that he'd be coming back with the proclamation at 11am. Just before 11am, the local newspaper reporter showed up and asked if she could take some photos of the practice demonstrations. We took the opportunity to Hongfa and clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to her. We gave both the Mayor and the reporter from the local newspaper the Justice for Falun Dafa video and other reading materials.

As we arrived a little late, we decided we would stay a bit longer. Just after 1pm, we had a surprise visit from Councillor Lew Tuck. He came bare-footed in his colourful knee-length shorts. We gave him the Councillor's Hongfa package and invited him to sign a Certificate of Appreciation. He said that he definitely would.

Shortly after his visit, we packed up. Unlike the previous two celebrations, there were fewer people around due to the heat. The weather was so hot and humid that we were steaming. We decided however, to make a little detour to Airlie Beach to do some Hongfa before driving to Bowen.

Later, we found a caravan park to rest for the night. As a group we are now more cohesive and unified; however, we all have endured many Xinxing tests. Master is utilizing every situation, every opportunity, to help us remove our attachments and human notions, especially when we are doing Hongfa and Fa-rectification work.