Yan Xiuzhong, male, 52 years old, was from Shuangxing Village, Dasizhan Township, Boli County, Heilongjiang Province. In March 2000, he was arrested and fined 2000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the average monthly income of urban areas is about 500 Yuan] for writing a letter to Li Guofu, the Deputy County Administrator, to clarify the truth of Falun Gong. In March 2001, he was taken away by police from home again and sent to the Suihua Forced Labor Camp. Physical examination records showed that he was in perfect health when he was sent to the labor camp. On October 20, 2001, Yan went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Yan died on October 29. Suihua Forced Labor Camp officials informed the local Public Security Department that Yan Xiuzhong had died of illness. The camp compensated his relatives 3000 Yuan for funeral affairs and cremated Yan's body in Suihua City. However, that money was spent by the Dasizhan Township police when they brought Yan's relatives to retrieve Yan's ashes.

Here we sternly warn the wicked perpetrators: "The ones who do evil against Dafa go down into the gate of no-life." ("Foretelling the Fa's Rectification of the Human World") "Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil" is a heavenly principle, and the retribution in this lifetime is forthcoming.

Head of Politics and Security Department, Public Security Bureau, Boli County: Sun Chengyi

Chief of Dasizhan Police Station, Dasizhan Township, Boli County: Fan Chunying

Suihua Forced Labor Camp: 86-455-8353860

Captain in Suihua Forced Labor Camp: Yang Jinlu

No. 1 Team, Suihua Forced Labor Camp: 86-455-8353860 ext. 8043

Vice Captain in Suihua Forced Labor Camp: Zeng Qingjun

Guard in Suihua Forced Labor Camp: Diao Xuesong, Guo De