(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, when I took part in group Fa study, I heard many practitioners talking about their experiences and feelings in clarifying the truth to the Chinese people in Chinatown and other tourist spots. Every story was touching, and I felt very encouraged and inspired.

However, only a limited number of stories like these can be found on Clearwisdom Net. Many reports that are about overseas Hong Fa and truth clarifying activities are news reports that lack details. For example, these sentences can often be seen in such reports: " ...Chinese people...some of them enthusiastically asked some questions, ...we all clarified the truth to them." "Although some people have bad ideas about Dafa, we still patiently clarified the truth to them." "We tried our best to clarify the truth." This kind of description is fine for simple news reports, but there is much more that we can do. If we could write about what kinds of questions people ask and how we answer in order to objectively clarify the truth, if we could describe the hindrances in people's minds as well as what we patiently explain to them, all practitioners would feel as encouraged and inspired as I was.

The stories of practitioners in China move people to admiration and tears, and make up of one of the themes of Falun Dafa web sites. These stories greatly encourage the Chinese practitioners during their tribulations to step forward from their human concerns and melt into the big wave of Fa-rectification. Overseas practitioners' truth clarifying activities are a necessary part of the Fa-rectification history as well. If overseas practitioners' wisdom, the willpower they demonstrate in truth clarifying, and their righteous faith and enlightenment experiences could be widely disseminated on the web, these stories could also become references for other practitioners to clarify the truth and save more people.

Some overseas practitioners might feel that what they are doing is very common and not worth writing about. However, greatness is revealed in ordinary things. We should not ignore the fact that it is exactly their perseverance in their respective posts, rain or shine, that constitutes the overseas practitioners' assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification. Their stories, though simple, might be used in Hong Fa materials like flyers, posters, brochures, cartoons, and radio and TV programs. Practitioners' righteous enlightenment and behavior could be also be distributed widely along with these Hong Fa materials, to give them an even better effect in offering people salvation.

Today we have focused on "writing your stories of clarifying the truth." Actually, the topic is far bigger than that. If each of us would write about our local activities, personal experiences, stories, thoughts and other matters which help with Fa-rectification, cultivation and saving people, our effectiveness as Dafa particles would be multiplied many times. From this perspective, clarifying the truth to people is participating in Fa-rectification, and writing about our personal experiences is enhancing our participation in Fa-rectification.

A Few Clearwisdom Editors

December 21, 2001