Through countless layers of unimaginably vast celestial bodies there exists a heavenly world. This world is of boundless beauty and purity wherein live many high level beings. During my meditation, my primordial spirit left my body and went there to recall my remote past.

One day, in time beyond history, Master came. He told us that this universe was not just what our level of wisdom saw and comprehended. There is the Fa (Law) in the Universe--the Fa of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance)-- that all sentient beings could not know in the past. Master said that the cosmic Fa is unchangeable and indestructible. All the materials of the Universe are alive and thinking. When layers upon layers of sentient beings of the big Universe deviate from the Fa, all beings would face the most terrible danger. At that time, Master would come down to the human world to commence the Fa-rectification, in order to assimilate everything to the Fa. Thus, all sentient beings could obtain the Fa and change the law of "destruction."

Some of the beings thought that Master had taught the real Fa that never had been revealed before, and they believed in it. For the future of the Universe, they made an oath together with high-level beings from other heavenly worlds to come down together with Master during the Fa-rectification. Now they are all on earth. Some have already obtained the Fa and have become Fa-rectification disciples while others are trapped deep in the maze of ordinary society.

There was one high level being that did not come down who was temporarily in charge of a certain heavenly world. At one time his level was very high, but in the course of the long history of the Universe, he became impure, as he did not believe what Master had taught. His mind deviated and he became one of the Old Forces. They were doing things according to the principles that had already deviated from the characteristics of the Universe, impeding Master's Fa-rectification process and arranging obstacles for the Fa together with the other Old Forces. He was in charge of that great heavenly world temporarily, and was arranging other high level beings of that world to do things. Because he was creating obstacles to Master's Fa-rectification, the other high level beings would not cooperate with this temporary king. Not long ago, this provisional king and the other high level beings got into a great battle using their divine powers, and some of these beings were injured by the king.

When Master was doing the Fa-rectification, he restored those Fa-rectification gods who got hurt to their original best states. These gods, who had prevented the temporary king from damaging Dafa, believed in and assimilated to Dafa and to the New Universe of boundless beauty. Master sent that temporary king down to the Three Realms to give him another chance. After all, he was a being from a high level with very potent energy. However, he still would not return to goodness and continued insanely sabotaging Dafa. The primordial spirit of a Dafa disciple (one who came down with Master from the same world as the provisional king) left his body and found that provisional king. The king then knelt down before the Dafa disciple and asked for another chance. The Dafa disciple said: "You have done too much harm to Dafa. No more chances for you." With that, the Dafa disciple destroyed that provisional king.

A while ago, my parents and I were browsing in a jewelry store. I saw lots of expensive shiny jewelry that people were choosing, appraising, and admiring. I thought that it was so sad. They didn't know that their original heavenly world and their bodies in that world were so much more shiny, transparent, glittering and pure than these jewels. I recalled that Master said: "You fell down here from a holy, pure, and incomparably splendid world because you had developed attachments at that level." (From "True Cultivation") I saw that many people also came down from an extremely high level in order to obtain the Fa; however they are trapped too deep in the maze to find their true selves. So many people are falling so quickly along with the ever-corrupting human society, just as so many people go with the flow of the gullible world under the evil propaganda. Master almost exhausted himself for sentient beings, and is still waiting. Practitioners in prisons are suffering tremendously. Dafa practitioners are going everywhere and risking their lives to clarify the truth to the world. Our relatives in heaven are expecting our homecoming and layers upon layers of gods are waiting. The New Universe has been constructed already.

Even though I am still very young and have no health problems, since I started practicing Dafa I have become more mature and polite. Friends and relatives all praise me and say that I am different from other kids. From studying Dafa my mind has become pure and I am quick at studying without feeling tired at all. I get good grades and excel in fine arts, chess, and computer class.

When I told my relatives and friends what I had seen in different dimensions, some of them said that it was the result of my watching TV programs of mythology. I am, however, very clearheaded, and what I saw is all real. Although people think that our current science is very advanced, our current language and technology could not describe or explain the splendid views of high-level dimensions. Many of those mythological stories and TV programs defame gods and the holy Universe of boundless beauty and purity. What I talked about is just a small portion. It is impossible to describe in human language what I have seen.

Kind-hearted people should not be swayed by the evil propaganda. Under these deviated notions, people cannot understand the Dafa disciple's great compassion of sacrificing their own happy family lives in order to save sentient beings. Dafa practitioners are cultivating "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." They always tell the truth, their actions are true to their words, and they are always considerate. There is no shame in telling the truth to the people of the world, and saving people from the vicious lies of Jiang's regime.