(Clearwisdom net) A certain female practitioner often goes out to clarify the truth about Dafa. She keeps the Dafa materials and VCDs in her home. Her husband did not support her at the time, and refused to listen to her. One day, he suddenly became very irrational. He took all the Dafa materials and said, "I will send all of these to the security office and they can sentence you to jail." He then left. Upon seeing this, this practitioner did not panic. While she was thinking about what to do, her younger brother happened to arrive at her house on his motorcycle. She told her brother the story. Although not a practitioner, her brother was very angry. He immediately rode his motorcycle to catch his brother-in-law. Not saying a word, her brother started beating him up. The husband realized why he was beaten up and begged, "I will never do such stupid thing from now on."

Hearing the story, the practitioner's relatives all came to her house and planned to punish her husband. This practitioner bore compassion in her mind and told them the whole story. Her husband's brother angrily blamed her husband, saying, "You deserve to be beaten up. Who would do such a thing to his own family?" Her husband was really ashamed. The practitioner used the opportunity to clarify the truth to her husband's brother, but he did not believe it. She then gave him a VCD and told him, " Please watch this if you want to know the truth." He went home and watched the VCD. The first time he watched it he did not seem to catch a lot. The second time he suddenly understood the whole story. After watching it for three times, he shouted, " Jiang's regime is lying." From that day on, her family began to tell other people the truth about Dafa. More and more people start learning the truth, and the need for the Dafa materials also increased.