In March 2001, Deyang Prison in Sichuan Province engaged in the organized brainwashing of Dafa practitioners. Prison Sections 2, 4, 5 and 6 all beat practitioners violently, and Section 5 was the worst. In July, they did it again and even more violently. The prison hoped to force the practitioners to break under this violence, but their effort was futile. The 50 practitioners went through various degrees of persecution, but their righteous thoughts were unshakable and that intimidated the evil.

In March, many police and prisoners in Deyang Prison were misled by the "Tiananmen self-immolation incident" staged by Jiang Zemin and his followers and began to hold a prejudice against Dafa practitioners. Following the political directive that "All measures are O.K. even if a practitioner is killed," Section 5 initiated gang beatings of practitioners. The horror began with Policeman Zhang in Section 5, who held many meetings with prisoners and encouraged felons to beat practitioners by promising to let them earn points and reduce their prison terms. In this way the horror started. During the day, they used so-called "military training" to apply corporal punishment to practitioners. Upon the slightest dissatisfaction they pulled them into a small room and beat them. There were prisoners assigned to watch people take turns beating up practitioners or force them to hold their heads against the corner of the wall. In the evening at the living quarters, forty to fifty prisoners would start hitting or kicking the practitioners. Practitioner Sun Chunfan in Section 5 was beaten by gangs on 6 or 7 separate occasions, causing him to cough up blood. To protest, he went on a hunger strike, and almost died during the force-feeding process. Li Wenbin, beaten by a group of felons in the prison, had a bruised nose and eyes and three broken ribs. Other practitioners were all beaten and injured to various extents.

Sections 2, 4 and 6 all followed the example of Section 5. A captain in Section 2 said to practitioner Zeng Shihua viciously, "It will take me only one sentence to get three to four hundred prisoners to attack you guys." Before finishing the words, he suddenly punched Zeng's chest hard with his fist. Zeng almost fainted but when he recovered, he stared at the evil person causing him to back off instead. Because he practiced Falun Gong openly while in detention, Xu Changzheng was beaten until his head ached and his eyes bled. Yet, he did not succumb to the violence. Pan Pu in Section 4 was beaten so heavily that he became unconscious twice. His brother Pan Zhenguang, who also suffered a lot, had one of his ears beaten so badly that he lost his hearing from the injury. However, throughout the process, neither one of the brothers succumbed to the evil. Practitioners Jiang Hong, Liu Tao and others in Section 6 were beaten six to seven separate times in one night.

In July 2001, Deyang Prison gathered all practitioners into Section 5 and started a new round of persecution, which was even more brutal, hoping to destroy practitioners' spirit. In the "military training," they asked the practitioners to stand on one foot and lift the other, stretching it straight, and they put a piece of brick on the stretched foot to add an extra load. To make it harsher they let them stand under the scorching sun. Another method of punishing the practitioners was to have them stand on one foot, and stretch the other foot against a wall, calling it "riding the motorcycle." There was one practitioner who obtained the Fa while he was in prison, and he has been steadfast throughout the ordeals in spite of all the tortures. After discovering that the beatings, punishments, and "military training" all failed, the police forced practitioners to work throughout the night. The practitioners would not be allowed to go to sleep if the tasks were not completed. Xu Changzheng once did not sleep for three days and nights consecutively. This cruel torture lasted over a month. But this time it provoked protests from all practitioners in the prison. Some of them wrote declarations, some wrote to the police and the warden. Under pressure, the placard labeling Section 5 as a "Civilized Prison Section" was taken off and the evil was suppressed. Finally even the police themselves admitted that it was a waste of time, and gave up their efforts of brainwashing practitioners.

Many policemen who had participated in the gang beatings of practitioners met their punishment by heaven. Because one of the police let a prisoner go out of the prison and beat people, the whole group was investigated and punished by the bureau of justice. Many policemen had to go through the "military training" themselves as a punishment. Some of them fainted under the scorching sun. Many prisoners in Section Five who had beaten practitioners earlier contracted strange diseases, grew tumors, or were put into solitary confinement. One prisoner fell and broke several of his bones, and became paralyzed. The managers of those sections that brutalized practitioners were all demoted. All this is telling those who are harming Dafa not to go against the will of the gods, not to trade one's life and conscience for fame and interest. It will not be too late if they can forgo the evil and start to follow good from now on.