My daughter is in the seventh-grade, and she has practiced Falun Dafa for four years now. The following is a few of her Fa-Rectification encounters and experiences.

One day, a friend told my daughter, "When the school principal asks you if you practice Falun Dafa, you must not say yes or you'll be expelled." She confidently stated, "Falun Dafa is so magnificent, how can I tell a lie?" Her mind was perfectly at ease when the school principal approached her, and she told him what Falun Gong is all about, how we cultivate xinxing, along with its morality and health benefits. Indeed, our entire family practiced Falun Gong. The principal asked, "As a student, doesn't practicing Falun Gong hinder your schoolwork?" She affirmed to him that in Falun Gong the Fa cultivates the body, and cultivating the heart is the main purpose. One could practice less when one's busy, and practice more when one's unoccupied. The principal questioned, "What about the Tiananmen incident broadcasted on television?" She firmly replied that Dafa practitioners would never take any lives, especially people or large animals, and neither will a true Dafa disciple self-immolate. The principal sarcastically said, "I know you display leadership qualities in class, but I never thought you have promotional skills too." They talked for the entire class-period, and the principal remained jocular throughout the conversation. At the conclusion, the principal said, "I'll speak with you another time." After two days, my daughter presented him with a truth-clarification CD, but the principal didn't accept it and scornfully asked her whether she [still] wanted him to keep his job. "Learning the truth doesn't hamper your work, and I brought it today so you can keep it," she told him as she left. A few days later the school displayed an Anti-Falun Gong exhibit. My daughter approached the principal and told him that he was corrupting innocent students. Although she didn't prevent the exhibit from displaying, nonetheless it was taken down after only one day.

Another time, my daughter realized that there were a lot of people in need of truth-clarification materials, so they could understand the truth and maybe be saved in the future. My daughter and I decided to distribute truth-clarification flyers at night, but my husband advised us to stay home because the weather was cold and she had to go to school the following day. My daughter explained, "It's no problem, a lot of people need to be saved. A few less hours of sleep are manageable, and I promise I won't be late tomorrow." In one village as she was posting a flyer on a door, a vicious dog barked as it dashed towards her. My daughter finished posting the flyer calmly and composedly without any fear. We continued to distribute flyers and didn't get home until one o'clock. The next morning, my daughter woke up on time without feeling any weariness.

Sometimes when I get lax while doing Dafa work, I can always remember my daughter's words, "A lot of people need to be saved."