Work Unit: "062" Base of the main division of the China Aviation Company

Location: Aviation Middle School dormitory, "062" Base, Longquanyi District of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Time: 10:30PM, December 13, 2001

Details of the arrest

I am a Dafa practitioner and I am 66 years old. At 10:30PM of December 13, 2001, I went to Dorm No. A309 (residence of the Aviation Construction Engineering Company) to distribute truth-clarifying materials. After I finished distributing them and got down to the first floor, I was arrested by the Aviation Security guard, Li Youshu. He called the Aviation branch Police Department on his cell phone and approximately 10 minutes later, the police department sent a car to pick me up. The Deputy Director of the police department, Xia Jibo beat me viciously and hit my head with a police baton more than 30 times. I felt dizzy. My head was very sore and bled profusely. The police also struck my arms with batons. Both my forearms were fractured . Even now, I am still unable to move my hands. My feet became injured from the beating. The top of my head bled profusely from being struck. The leftside of my forehead developed a large hematoma. My eyes became swollen and couldn't see anything. I could not even open my eyes with my hands. It is now 15 days later, but the swelling on my forehead and eyes has not subsided. I was also shocked with an electric baton twice. Xia Jibo was a ruthless brute; he fiercely struck at my chest and upper abdominal area with his fists. I could not remember how many times he hit me. He also kicked me in the loins and chest. My healthy body now had constant chest pain and a persistent cough. I could not move my hands and I could hardly walk; there were bruises all over my body. In such a state, the heartless Xia Jibo still handcuffed my fractured hands and hung me up on a windowsill for 18 hours.

From the evening of December 13 to 4PM on December 14, I had been handcuffed in the Aviation Police Department. After 4PM, the Aviation branch sent me in a car to the local Beigandao Police Station in Longquan. There, two young police officers saw me and said, "It's too brutal! It is not right! It is not right! They cannot beat people like that!" On the afternoon of December 16, I was sent to the Longquan Detention Center. On December 17, Dr. Fu at the detention center checked my injuries. On December 18, Dr. Fu and Officer Du carried me in a car to the Aviation Hospital to take photos, splint my fractures, dress my wounds, and administer medication. Even now, I still cannot take care of myself, put on clothing or wash my face. I am fortunate that two female Dafa practitioners have been taking good care of me. I don't know what it would be like without them.

Looting of my home

On the evening of December 13, when I was arrested, at around midnight that evening, 10 policemen from the Aviation Police Department ransacked my home. They took away one copy of Zhuan Falun, 8 copies of truth-clarifying CDs and some stickers and other truth-clarifying materials, one TV (29', color TV), one tape-recorder and 530 Yuan (Chinese currency, RMB).