January 13 is the second day of Denmark practitioners' peaceful appeal. In the afternoon, practitioners gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy to protest the Jiang regime's ever-escalating killing of Falun Gong practitioners.

Even though there were fewer people on the road during the weekends, nearly every person passing by was glad to accept Dafa flyers and learned about the persecution happening in China. They showed outrage towards the human rights violations of Jiang's regime.

During our protest, the staff members of the embassy had to pass by us from time to time. Sometimes some members could not help viewing our banners and photo exhibition. When we looked into their eyes or said hello to them they responded with smiles or nodded their heads. There was no enmity or hatred. We think that for those who have a sense of kindness, they eventually would distinguish good from evil and kindness from cruelty. The universe is changing and people are awakening.

Afterwards many practitioners realized that by sending forth righteous thoughts we eliminated the evil controlling the staff members of the embassy and saved these precious Chinese people with great compassion. Our concerns out of compassion are powerful. Even though we could not see with our naked eyes what happened in other dimensions, the staff members' friendly expression told us much.

Through much contact with us, the police in the embassy district had come to know us and our situation very well. We could obtain permits whenever we submitted an application. This time, our application was submitted in the early morning and we got permits promptly. During the two-day event, the police only stopped by once. They have deep trust in Falun Gong practitioners.