Between December 28, 2001 and January 1, 2002, over two hundred Falun Dafa practitioners from Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland gathered in Erbach, a city in central Germany, to study the Fa, practice the exercises and share experiences. For the past two years Jiang's regime has been desperately persecuting Falun Gong in China and unscrupulously slandering Falun Gong throughout the world. Falun Gong groups however, are growing despite this persecution. There were more people than ever who came to the conference. Many new practitioners, who were participating in this type of activity for the first time, were in attendance. After studying Teacher's new article repeatedly, practitioners shared experiences and conducted discussions on many different topics. They discussed how to conduct themselves while thoroughly and painstaking carrying out truth-clarification to the Chinese people in a complete way so as to further expose the evils and follow Fa-rectification. Practitioners also discussed how, in the course of clarifying the truth, to manifest "the compassion, the kindness, the purity, the righteousness, and the great forbearance" ("Lecture on the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Conference") of the Falun Dafa practitioners. Additionally, making improvements to the German web site was also discussed. The practitioners made a lot of good suggestions and absorbed many useful ideas. Meanwhile, those specializing in different fields gave relevant talks on topics such as computers, music, and useful skills during Fa-rectification and clarifying the truth of the persecution.

On December 30, the experience sharing conference concluded in a solemn atmosphere in which Chinese and German Falun Dafa practitioners passed on recent experiences during their course of cultivation. Their speeches manifested the purity of their hearts. Practitioners from China then played "Pudu" on the flute and sang songs composed by Falun Dafa practitioners. A practitioner from Germany performed the dance "Flying towards Paradise."

Many practitioners from Germany learned very quickly how to sing those songs composed by other practitioners. During the peaceful melody of "Dedu," the conference attendees greeted the New Year together.