(Clearwisdom.net) The malicious police officers at the Tiananmen Police Station in Beijing routinely beat Falun Gong practitioners who were illegally arrested for clarifying the truth of Falun Gong. They are extremely cruel and vicious and claim that they are "not afraid of going to hell." The measures taken by people from the Haidian District Police Department, however, are even more insidious. They are trying to use the "soft" approach to ruin the cultivation of Dafa practitioners and lure them into the mentality of everyday people.

They are attempting to cause practitioners to develop attachments for the pursuit of comfort, to weaken practitioners' minds and determination and to urge practitioners to develop the mentality of everyday people. In jail, passing the xinxing [mind-nature] test or not happens in a matter of moments. Tests are all around me. For example, every word from an inmate could stir up my own attachments. Therefore, Dafa practitioners should remain very clear-minded and vigilant, let go of the attachments of laziness and slackness, and step out from everyday people's notions and mentalities, so that we can enlighten to the principles of Dafa, to recognize and pass all the tests. As Dafa practitioners we constantly need to cultivate our xinxing and virtues so that we can triumph over the evil.

The officers in this police station allow practitioners to watch TV for two hours every night and broadcast pornographic content to stimulate and foster practitioners' hidden attachments of lust. At this very moment, every genuine disciple has to constantly bear the Fa in mind and let go of the hidden attachments. If the content is intended to defame and slander Dafa, practitioners have to expose the evil immediately.

These policemen hide their evil intention behind their smiling faces and utilize everyday conversation to weaken practitioners' determination and righteous thoughts. I felt that it was very critical to pass the momentary test, deal with tribulations, and recognize the temptations in jail. This is just like hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield: whether to remain in the state of an everyday person or step forward to rectify what is not righteous is a very important choice to make for a practitioner. This is not like the normal case where a practitioner did not completely pass the test and could be considered as passing the test if one is upgraded gradually afterwards. To validate Dafa is not like that - a practitioner could let go of all the attachments after he or she went to Tiananmen Square, to unfurl Dafa banners and loudly speak a few words. It can only be considered that this practitioner has let go of his or her largest fear-attachment and the attachment to fame, interest, profit and qing [emotion] at a certain level.

What about the further advancement a practitioner should have later in cultivation? I enlightened to that the attachments a practitioner needs to let go of are even more microscopic. We should be clear-minded, in order to recognize the principles that seemingly comply with the principles for everyday people, yet they are the crossroads for practitioners, to either remain as a sentient being or cultivate to a god.

I wanted to share with other practitioners the enlightenment I experienced when I was in jail and remind other practitioners to remain vigilant and clear-minded to the measures taken by the evil. Please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.