(Clearwisdom.net) Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp of Jiangsu Province is located in the Dafeng City region. It started to imprison male Dafa practitioners of the province for illegal labor re-education. Female practitioners were imprisoned at the Judong Forced Labor Camp in the region of Jurong City. Right now, about 200 Dafa practitioners are illegally imprisoned in Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp.

During the past year, authorities at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp consistently used all kinds of brutal means to persecute Dafa practitioners. Since the end of June 2001, under the direction of persons from the Jiangsu Province Labor Re-education Department, Fangqiang Labor Camp had formed the No. 2 Division, which was solely for the purpose of persecuting Dafa practitioners. They performed "concentrated brainwashing," and claimed a "transformation rate of 90%" at year's end. They attempted to use all sorts of despicable means to shake the righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners.

The methods used by the No. 2 Division enforcers were: First, in the guise of a "heart-to-heart talk" they would perform "fatigue strategy" [long-term mental torture] of several days or several weeks. At the same time, division party secretary Yu Haiyong and political head Ji Hua used some roughneck prisoners such as Zhou Liming of Changzhou City, and Zhou Shuhong of Taizhou City to brutally beat Dafa practitioners. Sometimes they did not even allow Dafa practitioners to have a meal.

If all of these methods were in vain, vicious police officers would use electric batons to shock practitioners and imprison practitioners in solitary confinement. According to incomplete statistics we had learned at the end of October 2001, from July to October, at least 30 practitioners were shocked with electric batons. One practitioner was shocked by 6 electric batons. His head was covered with blood. Zhang Qihu, who holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and works at Xuzhou [City] Normal University suffered 3 long electric shocks. Then on October 4th, 2001, he was tortured for a whole morning. Party secretary Yu Haiyong even stomped on his body while holding an electric baton in his hand, saying fiercely: "Although I often wear a smile, I also have the face of a killer! If you don't transform [give up Dafa], I will make you suffer pains worse than death!" His vicious nature was completely revealed. In the No. 2 Division, miserable cries of Dafa practitioners were frequently heard. This place became like a living hell.

Dafa practitioner Huang Jiangang from Nanjing City is 33-years-old, previously an engineer of the Fujitsu Computer Company. He was illegally sentenced to 1.5 years in a labor camp early in 2001. After he arrived at Fangqiang, he suffered brutal torture and was cruelly beaten by prisoners at the instigation of guards.

As brutal as the conditions at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp were, with Dafa practitioners' resistance, the attempt of "90% transformation rate before new year" was a complete failure. In November there was a "test." As a result, 80% of the practitioners who had give in to the brainwashing woke up and took the opportunity to declare their previous "separation statements" void. Some released practitioners also declared so on the Internet and rejoined the Fa-rectification. All of this had powerfully hit the evil force at the Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp. Here we sternly warn the vicious police officers Yu Haiyong, Ji Hua and others to immediately stop persecution of Dafa practitioners; otherwise, you will be forever nailed on the universe's column of shame!