(Clearwisdom.net) For a period of time, I thought that I hadn't cultivated in Dafa very well. Therefore, when Teacher suggested us to send forth righteous thoughts, I thought that only good practitioners, among whom I was not included, had an effect when doing so. However, some recent experiences of mine have made me realize the power of righteous thoughts, and I feel ashamed for not being steadfast to Dafa before.

One day while I was practicing exercises in a park, a sloppily dressed man came by and shouted at me loudly. He looked like a thug making trouble or as though he had a mental problem. I politely greeted him, although I was afraid in my mind. He didn't acknowledge my greeting and kept disturbing me. My fear grew, and I realized it was interference. I began to concentrate on sending forth righteous thoughts. Gradually I calmed down. I kept sending righteous thoughts. Soon enough, a young lady came by and asked the man to leave, and he left. I knew clearly that it was the effect of my sending forth righteous thoughts.

There are many Chinese and Westerners living in the same building as me. In order to let more people know about the truth of Dafa, I have posted some material with pictures about Dafa on the bulletin board on the first floor with the permission of the building administration. However, the following day they disappeared. I posted a couple of more with the righteous thought to keep them on the board as long as possible to let more pre-destined people see them. Almost two weeks have passed, and they are still there. I'm very happy and know it is due to the effect of my righteous thoughts.

Normally, I tend to become tired or sleepy very easily. I would feel sleepy for the entire day if I had less than eight hours of sleep. A few days ago, I tried to send righteous thoughts twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, in order to clear away the interference of tiredness. An amazing thing happened. I had only slept a little more than four hours for the past two days, yet I felt full of energy while I was awake. It surprised me to experience how powerful righteous thoughts are.

These experiences have provided me with great confidence as well as a better understanding of the strength of righteous thoughts. I realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. This article is intended to encourage other practitioners, who think the same as I did before, to truly realize the power of righteous thoughts. No matter how well we cultivate in Dafa, due to the magnificent benevolence of Master Li and because of this precious opportunity which has never occurred before in history, we have been granted such an ability.