(Clearwisdom.Net) Hainan Province Forced Labor Camp has illegally detained more than 80 Falun Gong practitioners. Most of the practitioners were concentrated in the Special Control Squad and the Newcomer Squad, which were completely isolated from the outside world. Political Commissar Zhang Helin was in charge of brainwashing them. The Special Control Squad was established in October 2000 and has been run by the Chief of the Education Section Wang Xuejun, the Head of the First Squad Chen Shaohua, and the Vice-Chief of Health Section Liang Shengxiong. Initially, they took inmates that were drug addicts from each squad to be the "monitor and control" personnel to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Wang told them, "Your duty is to make Falun Gong practitioners hardly able to live." They promised decreased sentences as an incentive for inmates to brutally beat Falun Gong practitioners. These inmates enjoyed beating practitioners under this instigation.

They hung practitioner Gou Xuejun up and beat him. After bringing him down, they kicked him in the chest, breaking several of his ribs. His life was in danger and he was sent to the hospital for resuscitation. Doctors saved his life by draining blood from his thorax.

They tied up Huang Xuejing, who is more than 50 years old, and threw him into an ice-cold pool in the winter. They mocked him by fanning him with newspapers.

They only allow practitioners Yan Liyou, Zhen Qi, and so on to sleep for 2 hours a day. They make them stand throughout the nights. In the Newcomers Squad, in order to prevent Yan Liyou from doing the exercises, Han Linding, a police officer, cuffed his hands and feet to the bed so that he could not sleep at night. Han also incited the inmates to torture Yan by force-feeding him urine and then by beating him to make him vomit it out. They also have burned his legs with incense. Yan still has the scars on his legs.

The head of the Special Control Squad Li Haijun personally tortured the practitioners. In April 2001, Gao Ninghua was sent to a hospital because of a broken arm he received in the beating. Li handcuffed and hung up practitioners Zheng Qi and Chen Jun and beat them.

Wu Pin became the head of the Squad after Li. Police Cheng Luhe told a practitioner who persisted in practicing the exercises, "As long as you practice, I will persecute you." Sun Daowen, a guard, hung practitioners up and beat them.

In the evening of August 9, 2001, Gao Ninghua was tied in bed by five inmates from the Third Squad. In a scene too horrible to watch, they kicked and punched him brutally. Many inmates with a conscience felt it was unfair but they did not dare speak up.

Since December 2001, the evil people in Hainan Labor Camp have become more aggressive. They have locked Falun Gong practitioners in a basement and tried to force them to write "conversion statements" [a statement in which a practitioner renounces Falun Gong and promises to never practice it again]. They do not allow practitioners families to visit them or deliver clothes. They completely sealed off information about them and made their situation more difficult.

The police who commit evil crimes include:

Political Commissar Zhang Helin

The chief of Education Section, Wang Xuejun

The chief of Management Section and the head of the Special Control Squad, Wu Pin

The head of the First Squad, Chen Shaohua

The head of the Newcomers Squad, Han Linding

Police: Chen Luhe, Li Changhai, Li Xinshen, Han Linhai

The telephone for the Special Control Squad: 86-898-65872491