(Clearwisdom.net) The following is a short letter written by a young Dafa practitioner, Xiao Yong (alias), to his father and mother who were forced to become homeless to avoid persecution. Xiao Yong once bravely went to Beijing with his mother to validate Dafa.


Dear Mom and Dad:


Both Grandma and I are doing well. Please trust me. I will become more mature.

Actually I'm not little any more. Please don't worry too much about me.

Mom and Dad, I have grown up. Not like when I was little. I do not cry anymore when I am threatened by the police. Please trust me. I won't say anything no matter how the police attempt to threaten and deceive me.

Mom and Dad, I hope that you continue to let go of attachments and do your tasks successfully.


Xiao Yong,

December 1, 2001