(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Guilan, female, in her 40's, is an associate professor at Hebei Medical University in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. She was forced to abandon her home due to police harassment. She has been diligent with clarifying the truth to everyone around her. On October 8, 2001, she delivered a Dafa truth-clarifying CD in person to Diao Qingdi, the Party Secretary of Hebei No. 3 Hospital. Diao was previously a Party Committee Management official of Hebei Medical College.

At the time, Diao pretended to offer a favorable reception and asked her to bring a (Falun Dafa) book the following day for him to read. On the next day, Ms. Wang arrived as promised, but the police arrested her as Diao Qingdi had called them in advance. She was brutally tortured by the police before being sent to Shijiazhuang No. 1 Detention Center. Since Ms. Wang's injuries were so severe and she went on a hunger strike to protest the torture, the detention center sent her to a Hebei brainwashing class in an attempt to force her to give up Falun Gong. Ms. Wang did not cooperate with the evil and safeguarded the Fa. Since then, she has been protesting her detention and torture by going on a hunger strike.

Dafa practitioner Shi Xiuzhi of the Medicinal Institute of Hebei Medical University was deceived into attending a brainwashing class at the end of October 2001.

People responsible for the persecution:

Wu Xing (Party Secretary of Hebei Medical University)

Phone: 86-311-6044121 ext. 5532

Wang Zhimin (Party Secretary of Medicinal Institute)

Phone: 86-311-6044121 ext. 5170

Diao Qingdi (Party Secretary of Hebei No. 3 Hospital)

Phone: 86-311-7027951 ext. 2110

January 5, 2002