December 24, 2001

( Ju Yajun, a Dafa practitioner from Yuquan Township of Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province, was tortured to death two months ago and his body was secretly dissected [believed to be done to remove organs] and cremated on December 18. Even his wife and child were denied their rights as immediate family to view the body and pay their last respects.

Some people with a conscience inside the government revealed that the Acheng City's, "610" office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) and the police department held a meeting and made the decision to dissect Ju Yajun's body and cremate him immediately without notifying various levels and the family. At the same time, a police squad was arranged to secretly monitor the Dafa practitioners of Yuquan Township and Acheng City. Such a decision made by the evil people was devoid of any morality or humanity. The life of a Dafa practitioner--Ju Yajun--was treated like dirt and his body was cremated to destroy the evidence of their crimes.

It was learned from some kind-hearted people in the police department that, the day before Ju Yajun's body was cremated, some of his relatives, after many strong requests, had a brief look at Ju Yajun's body while being monitored by the police. The situation at that time was as follows: All Ju Yajun's clothes were stripped off and wounds were seen all over his body. It could be clearly seen that there were large areas of bruises and black and blue marks on his left and right shoulders, chest, both sides and other parts of his body. This made Ju Yajun's body that had become emaciated due to the torture too horrible to look at and even his family could not recognize him. According to the information provided by some insider, during his detention in the Changlinzi Forced-labor Camp in Harbin, Ju Yajun was tortured without restraint. Faced with the facts that Mr. Ju obviously died as a result of the brutal persecution he received, various local governmental level, police departments, and the "610" office shifted responsibility onto each other while simultaneously threatening and intimidating insiders. The lawyers of Acheng City were also ordered not to take this case. So Ju Yajun's family and friends didn't have any place to make an appeal or file charges against the injustice to Mr. Ju.

During the routine processing procedure after Ju Yajun was tortured to death, relevant staff of the "610" office of Heilongjiang Province, Zhang Xiaoman of "610" office in Harbin City and relevant staff of "610" office in Acheng City, Section Chief Zhang, Bureau Head Zhang, Zhang Zhongfan of the police department, Xi Jinglong of Law Administration Section, etc. displayed a rude attitude and often threatened that it was a violation of the law if immediate cremation was not agreed to. Ju Yanyun's body was not allowed to be held in the mortuary for any period of time.

When is it a crime to be at one's home, sweeping the floor? How is it that a person can be taken from their home chores and sent without charge and against their will to a forced-labor camp only to die from being persecuted there? Ju Yanjun was simply sweeping the floor at home and as a result he was detained, sent to a forced-labor camp and charged with interfering with social order. When asked the above-mentioned questions, Xi Jinglong of the Law Administration Section of the police department answered, "From the beginning of 2001, it is all right to arrest Falun Gong practitioners in any place. It doesn't violate any law. This is a new regulation and there is no document and this message was verbally passed down."

Dafa practitioners face great pressure and the persecution is the evil's trampling on kind people. All kind-hearted friends, let's take action together! Let's jointly stop the evil, awaken everyone's conscience, awaken their kind hearts and awaken justice!