(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang 'X' in Changchun City, 55 years old, is extremely evil. Because his wife practiced Falun Gong, she became targeted by him for all kinds of inhuman torture. One day, he lost control again and mercilessly beat his wife and tore up her Dafa books. He then dragged his battered wife to the police station. As a direct result of his actions, one day in the afternoon approximately 20 days after coming back, he suddenly felt cold. He died in ten minutes.

Kang 'X' from a village of Jiutai City, said to Dafa practitioners: "I will not rip the banners again when I see them again." Because he tore down the Dafa banners that were hung on a electric wire pole and used them as toilet tissue, several days later, a big sore developed on a certain part of his body. It took over two months for him recover.

Guan 'X', who lived in a certain village of Jiutai City, picked up Dafa truth-clarification materials. He used them as toilet tissue and said: "I am not afraid of retribution." On the second day, Gaun 'X', who never had any diseases, developed dysentery [a major symptom is uncontrollable diarrhea] and lay on the bed. He believed in Dafa from his heart this time.

Zhang 'X', who lived in a certain village of Jiutai City, was hostile to Dafa. When he tore down the Dafa posters, he said: "I am not afraid of retribution." After several days, his appendix suddenly became inflamed. It was very painful. His three sons spent about one thousand Yuan RMB for his stay at a hospital. He also was in extreme pain and discomfort beyond. This is an example how one person makes karma for himself, which brings further disaster to his descendants.

Wang 'X', who lived in a certain village of Jiutai city, collected several dozen Dafa materials and threw them into the toilet and said: "Where does god come from?" Several days later, she suddenly felt severe pains in her lower back and legs. She visited folk medicine doctors and also doctors practicing Chinese medicine and Western medicine, but all were ineffective. Later on, she realized that she had received retribution for her actions against Dafa. She regretted it, so she said that Dafa is good when she met people and she also distributed Dafa materials. She said: "I believe in Dafa. I will also learn it later on." She recovered after one and half months.

A contractor from a village in Shulan County did not distinguish between righteous and evil actions and his intention was not righteous. He collected a lot of Dafa truth-clarification materials and planned to use them as toilet tissue when he worked outside. He was detained at the train station. His family spent 2000 Yuan RBM to pay the fine to get him released.

Li Hua (a party committee secretary at Friendship Store in a city of Northeast China), the trade union president Liu Li, and labor and capital section chief Yu Guiyun persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal. They did not pay practitioners' working wages and expelled them from the trade union. Presently, all three of these people have received retribution: Both Li Hua and Liu Li had traffic accidents. Both of them were severely injured. The labor and capital section chief Yu Guiyun was diagnosed with cancer.