(Clearwisdom.net) It is very convenient to introduce Dafa through the Internet. Recently, I was thinking about how to introduce Dafa and clarify the truth in broader and deeper ways that everyday people enjoy and easily accept.

Let's begin with some specific ideas.

Many of practitioners' poems are excellent. We can find some literary forums on the Internet and then post the poems there. Or we can submit the poems to literary publishing companies. Because the poems meet with the publishing requirements, if they are published, they will attract great attention.

It is known that practitioners' songs have played a very important role in spreading Dafa. Many everyday people are interested in these songs. The reason is that the songs manifest Dafa's mighty power and embody practitioners' pure hearts. This is a good method to spread Dafa to everyday people which should not be neglected.

Dafa is creating a brand new world for human society. We should manifest the mighty power and divineness of Dafa in every direction of everyday people's lives.

If we pay attention, we may find a lot of things we can do on the Internet. Everyday, there are millions of people in China surfing the net. The broadband network is springing up. Watching movies on the Internet is becoming very popular. Many programs on FGM TV are very impressive. Could those practitioners who have the ability spread Dafa using these sources?

Not only limited to these, we can set up some "special topic" websites, such as: poetry, prehistoric civilization, medicine, Ms. Zhang's paintings, professor Zhang Kunlun's sculptures, etc. All of these "topics" have the same base ---the pure insights enlightened from Dafa.

Actually, some blocked information is still accessible in China. I have successfully visited some websites of practitioners abroad without any technical problems.

So overseas practitioners can build many Dafa websites, especially Chinese websites. But one thing I should mention is that we should exclude some key words from the URL. For example, an URL like http://.../falun.html is very easily blocked. If it is possible, we can apply for URL addresses in the form like https://(this kind of URL supports SSL encryption protocol). Generally, it would cost some money. I have done some research and some sites are available at very reasonable rates.

Of course, the workload would be very heavy. But none of our efforts would be in vain. Relatively speaking, the most convenient way is to find a forum or a network community and post some articles.

What I have talked about above focuses on ideas about how to spread Dafa and clarify the truth through the Internet with poems. In fact, the process of clarifying the truth has already fully and deeply included in clarifying the truth that "Falun Dafa is good" from multi-aspect and multi-direction of human life.

This is my personal understanding for discussion with our fellow practitioners.