(Clearwisdom.net) Heilongjiang Province's TV station recently reported on its legal news channel the case of a police officer from Daqing City who brutally tortured a suspect. The police officer was sentenced to one year in prison and probation for a year thereafter.

During the past two years, Jiang Zemin's gang more often than not outmatches the legal system, slandering Falun Gong, instigating legislative departments at all levels to thoroughly persecute kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners. They use every cruel and inhumane means available to persecute and torture Dafa practitioners. The results are very disturbing. They have grossly violated the nation's laws, leaving no place for law-abiding citizens to appeal. On the contrary, the perpetrators are awarded with promotions and commendations. We would like to ask: Isn't everyone equal under the law? Isn't it the same with persecution and torture? Why has there been such a completely different result?

One day in September 2000, a female Dafa practitioner, about 50 years old, was brought into the Second Detention Center in Qiqihar City. Seeing her now, you wouldn't be able to figure out what her face was like before the torture. Her legs were all covered with dark and purple bruises. She could hardly walk, and could not sit or squat properly. She suffered injuries all over her body. Some of her hair was pulled out. Everyone in the detention center was shocked and asked what had happened to her. This practitioner's story is presented below.

Her name is Guan Yaru, a resident of Qiqihar City, in the section patrolled by the Minhang Road Police Station. Guan distributed truth-clarifying material for Falun Gong and was therefore illegally arrested and taken to the police station by policeman Zhou Huaiyu. When she had just entered her home, she was brutally beaten without a word by another police officer, Wang Tao. They pushed her onto the floor; held her hair and spun her around. After torturing her for 2 hours, their accomplice, Wan Guozhi, came into the room. The three of them joined together and tied her up, hanging her in the air by her bound hands. They were screaming and yelling while swinging the rope. This lasted for about an hour. They saw that Guan Yaru was not moved and did not make any noise. They placed the backrest of a chair under her waist. They pushed her head and feet alternately, banging her into the chair so that it squeaked loudly. They only stopped after one of the malicious police said, "Don't damage the chair."

Afterwards, two of the corrupt police stamped on her legs heavily, pulling and stretching her arms out at the same time. They forced a nearly 50 year old woman to spread her legs wide open. After torturing her like this several times, they got tired and went out to have dinner. After their return, they handcuffed Guan Yaru's hands to her back. She was forced to lay down on the floor. They then held one leg down and pulled up on the other until it touched her face. They alternated the position of her legs and tortured her this way for a long period of time. Guan Yaru's legs lost all feeling. They saw that she still did not speak out; they used a plastic bag to cover her head and sealed the bag. They only released her a little when she really could not breathe. They had tortured her about an hour and Guan Yaru still did not say a single word. Wang Tao was so crazed that he squeezed her neck with a newspaper until she fainted away. When she regained her consciousness, she heard that Wang Tao and Wan Guozhi were swearing and accusing her of feigning death. They pulled her arms and dragged her to the side of the urinal pool and pressed her head down. Late at night, the vicious police finally got very tired and stopped the torture. The detention center has a picture of her after she was tortured.


Towards the end of the year 2000, I witnessed more torture when I was illegally detained in the Second Detention Center in Qiqihar City. Some practitioners were forced to wear heavy handcuffs and foot shackles (35 -- 50 kg). The method is to cuff both hands to the back of the body and also chain the feet with the foot shackles. Practitioners are then forced to kneel on the floor and a wire is used to tie both the handcuffs and foot shackles together. One is absolutely immobilized and cannot take food or go to the toilet. Some Dafa practitioners were placed under close surveillance by other inmates. The practitioners were not allowed to close their eyes. They were tortured with a few months of sleep deprivation; even a 70 year-old practitioner named Jia was not spared.

Practitioners were also whipped with the 'little white dragon' (white plastic tubes). It is just like hell there. When the vicious police interrogated practitioners, some did not want to betray other practitioners by giving out their names. They were punished with the torture known as the "big hang." Both hands are handcuffed to the back and a rope is used to tie both handcuffs and foot shackles together to hang them up in the air in the room. Practitioners are then tortured using electric batons or slammed back and forth against the wall. It was unbearable to look at the practitioners after they were interrogated. Every practitioner had a different degree of injury after being tortured. Some of them could not move their hands and legs even after ten days. Some of them could not lift up their arms even after a few months.

All of this inhuman persecution of Dafa practitioners has made both man and the Gods angry!

List of Perpetrators

Police Station of Minhang Road, Qiqihar City

Postal Code: 161005

Telephone: 86-452-2347559

Wang Tao, Director

Zhou Huaiyu (his job is done mostly outside the office)

Wan Guozhi (it was said that he has been transferred to Longsha Police Station, Qiqihar City)