(Clearwisdon.net) The Chongqing Female Labor Camp is located in Maojiashan, Jiangbei Wulidian, Chongqing City. Besides the drug-addicts who are locked up in the labor camp, there are many female Dafa practitioners who have been illegally sentenced to forced labor camp in the Chongqing area.

Before March 2001, they were divided into three brigades. At most, they shut up eighty to ninety Dafa practitioners in each of the brigades. At the end of March, a new building was established that is used for the purpose of detaining the newly arriving Dafa practitioners. This is named the fourth brigade.

The disciplinary guards asked the drug-addicts in the same cells as the practitioners to keep close surveillance twenty-four hours a day on each person who was determined in cultivating Dafa. The drug-addicts were given the motivation of a reduced sentence if they kept their cellmates from practicing the exercises, and longer sentences for failing in this regard. In this way, all the Dafa practitioners' conduct was severely limited. The following are personal accounts of practitioners who were incarcerated in the labor camp.

Huang Xiuqiong, a resident of Tongnanzitong County, was sentenced to the forced labor camp because she went to Beijing to appeal, and was locked up illegally in the first brigade from April to September 2000.

Li Nanying, forty-four years old, a worker who was fired by the First Silk Factory of Tongnan, was sentenced to forced labor and locked up in the second Brigade from August 2000 to July 16, 2001.

Tan Fang, forty-three years old, who lost her job at the First Silk Factory of Tongnan, was sentenced to forced labor and locked up in the second and first Brigade from August 2000 to May 2001.

The following are their experiences in the labor camp.

1. Forced Labor. In the beginning, they were forced to read the materials slandering Falun Dafa half a day each day, and for the other half-day, they were forced to do hard labor. Later it was changed that every week they were forcefully brainwashed for three half-days, and the rest of the time they were forced to do hard labor. Every day, the workload was very heavy, starting at 5:00 am or 6:00 am and lasting until 10:00pm or 11:00pm. During the work time, there was only half an hour for each of the meal breaks. Because of the time spent gathering, lining-up, etc., the actual time for eating was only ten minutes. Every day, they had to work for about fourteen to sixteen hours. If they could not finish the jobs for that day, they would be punished with an increase of their prison terms.

There was no way to take sick leave, unless they were physically disabled, and any delayed work had to be made up on their personal time in the future or their terms would be extended. If they refused to work, besides the extensions of their terms, they would also be punished. For example, in the second brigade, eight practitioners refused to work. From June to July 16, they were made to squat down for fifteen to sixteen hours a day. These eight practitioners' names are : Xue Zhen (over 60 years old), Feng Hongfang (over 40 years old), Wu Dashu (over 50 years old), Zhang Huilan (50 years old), Cheng Ping (over 30 years old), Cai Changying (over 60years old), Liu Jiansheng (over 40 years old), and the last practitioner's name is unknown.

2. Beating, handcuffing, physical punishment, cursing and confining in the small cell, etc.: The guards used the drug-addicts to keep practitioners under close surveillance for twenty-four hours a day, and the drug-addicts tried their utmost to persecute and torture the practitioners.

Case one: Li Nanying was once illegally locked up in the second brigade. Since January 30, 2001, they recited the articles and practiced the exercises to resist the propaganda of the self-immolation incident that was framing Dafa. The majority of the practitioners used their washing time to go to the courtyard to do the exercises. When found by the brigade leader, the drug-addicts were ordered to beat them, and put the suspected leader into a small cell.

They also handcuffed practitioners' hands onto the bed. Some were handcuffed with one hand from the top of the shoulder, and the other from under the back; they were not allowed to go to the washroom or to wash. They were even handcuffed when sleeping. One practitioner named Tang Guorong (over 50 years old, teacher) was believed to be the leader. She had been locked up in the small cell at least four times because she continued to do the exercises. She was kept in the cell between one week and one month.

Case two, the personal experience of Tan Fang in the first brigade: After I was forced to write the "three statements" (the so-called statements denouncing Falun Gong), I was transferred to the first brigade in the middle of September. At the end of December, I realized that I did something wrong, so I wrote a declaration to negate my statements. On the morning of January 14, 2001, the policewoman named Li who was on duty found I was practicing the exercises. She immediately pressed me down and ordered seven or eight drug-addicts to drag me into the office. They pulled down the windowshades. Li left after hinting to the drug-addicts that they should beat me up severely. The drug-addicts tied me up, pulled my hair, and kicked and beat me, targeting my head, chest, stomache and legs. After about half an hour of this, Li came in and cursed me with lots of disgusting words. At that time, I felt dizzy and felt lots of my hair had been pulled out. My entire body was beaten black and blue, and I could not even turn over. My chest felt severe pain for over one month.

A fellow practitioner, whose name was Liu Xinyu, (32 years old) was gagged with dirty laundry for reciting teachers' articles. Then they used yellow packing tape to seal both her mouth and nose. She began choking, with white saliva running out of her mouth, and she almost suffocated. Since Zuo Mufeng refused to wear the prisoners' clothing, the guards ordered the drug-addicts to force her to wear only one thin layer of clothing in the severe cold of winter. The physical punishment happened so often that they were often forced to stand, squat, and sit for fifteen and sixteen hours a day, and each time, this continued for more than one week.

3. Illegal detention for an unlimited time and the increase of prison terms: Liao Xiaoying from Tongnan, over 40 years old, had finished her term in January 2001. Her release was delayed half a year. Since she was determined in cultivation, her sentence was again lengthened. This is a common phenomenon in the labor camp. Had not the results of Li Nanying's medical examination showed that she was not fit to stay in the labor camp, it would have been impossible for her to be released.

Since the practitioners learned the verse given by Teacher to eliminate the evil, the drug-addicts began to receive retribution. They would become incoherent and fight against each other, and were often found by the disciplinary guards to have violated the rules of the labor camp. They received increased sentences, and were forced to run around the courtyard twenty to thirty times, or run up and down the stairs.

We offer this advice to those persons who help the tyrants in their persecution: the heavenly law should never be violated; whoever attacks Dafa will receive retribution.