(Clearwisdom.net) I am a resident of Changlu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. Herein, I would like to share with you some facts regarding a few lawless officials' persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Changlu Town, so that kind-hearted people can gain a clear understanding of how these thugs treat people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance".

In September 2000 [In the Chinese lunar Calendar], township officials Hu Shoudong and Li Zaicheng notified all of the practitioners in town to go to the government building in order to "study" for two days. In addition, they were told that they would be fined 100 Yuan [about 2 weeks wages in rural areas in China] each time if they were late. On the first day, several practitioners (Qin Lifeng, Qi Jianting, Xue Qingchang, Qin Yuangang) were late by a couple of minutes, and as a result, were brutally beaten and fined 200 Yuan each. On the second day, Qi Jianhua and Hou Ji were late and were beaten until they were covered with bruises. The thugs also ransacked Qi Jianhua's home and fined him 1000 Yuan [about 5 months wages in rural areas of China].

On December 13, 2000 [In the Chinese lunar calendar], when the Spring Festival [Chinese New Year] was drawing near, Li Zaicheng brought a group of villains with him to Taizhuang Village in order to check out the practitioners. (These practitioners had no personal freedom and had to apply for permission at the township government just to leave home.) Unfortunately, Qi Jianhua happened to go to the annual bazaar and didn't apply for permission. So Li Zaicheng held a stick, waited for Qi in the village office, and planned to beat him upon his return. After a while, seeing that Qi didn't return, Li Zaicheng then took a group of people and went to Qi's home, and ordered someone to forcibly kick in the door. It didn't open, so he went to Qi's neighbor's home and took three pick-axes (used by farmers to dig earth) and tried to strike the door with them. He put down the pick-axes only after the village officials repeatedly pleaded with him [to stop]. Since he didn't get what he wanted, Li angrily yelled, "I'll have to see him sometime, either he, himself or his corpse. Tell him to bring 6,000 Yuan and report to the town government this afternoon!"

One afternoon in February 2001, the head of the gang, Li Zaicheng, again broke into Qi's home. Just because Qi said, "I live by the law at home. There won't be any problems here, unless you decide to cause trouble, because I won't." Li ransacked Qi's home for the second time and forcibly took him to the town government offices. The thugs beat him up with a wooden stick until the wooden stick broke in two. Then, they whipped Qi with a leather lash.

Soon after this, the Central Party Committee held a meeting [in Beijing]. In order to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal, the town government detained all of them against their will in an old meeting room and illegally held them there for seven days. The practitioners were completely deprived of their personal freedom. Among the detainees, a young mother with a nearly three-month-old baby suffered from the terrible environment, cold weather and lack of food. The mother's milk dried up and the baby had a fever and diarrhea. Since their personal freedom was severely restricted, they couldn't even visit the restroom as they needed. Even under such brutal circumstances, this young mother still cared for her ill baby and let her baby release the stool into her drinking cup. After the mother and her baby had been detained for several days and after sincere requests from their family and village officials, the thugs reluctantly released the mother and her baby after extorting 1000 Yuan [about 5 months wages in rural areas of China] from them.

There was another person (among the detainees) who gave up cultivation under the evil force's intense pressure. He had a hemorrhoid operation not long before and could neither sit nor stand. Even after the village officials' sincere request [for release], he was still forced to pay 1000 Yuan before he was released. (He has three schoolchildren at home and was recovering from his operation. His family is now destitute.)

There was also a woman between 60~70 years old. She had hemiplegia [partial body paralysis, often from stroke] and didn't have money to go to the hospital, so she practiced Falun Gong in order to cure her illness. However, the thugs didn't spare her and forced her relatives and friends to pool together in order to pay 1000 Yuan to bail her out.

Yao Yunfa and his wife were also illegally detained there. One time, Yao's wife wanted to use the restroom, but not only was she not permitted, she was also brutally beaten until she became unconscious. Under her family members' repeated request, she was sent to the town hospital, but they didn't dare to receive her in her condition. Then she was sent to the county hospital for emergency treatment. Even after this, the thugs didn't spare the couple and charged them 1000 Yuan each.

During the following days, Li Zaicheng would hold a wooden stick and beat any practitioner that uttered anything that he considered "wrong." Zhao Honglun and other ruffians in Changlu Town kicked practitioners' lower abdomens and hit their heads against a wall by grabbing their hair, and this was all in addition to disallowing them to sleep. Even an eight-year-old child and a several-month-old baby couldn't escape from their demonic torture.

In this town, the average yearly income is merely several hundred Yuan; however, people were persecuted and extorted money by Jiang Zemin's criminal gang of scoundrels for just trying to be people with noble morality.

One day in March 2001, at around 9 p.m., a group of thugs went into Hedong Village in the Taizhuang area. They held wooden sticks and broke into villager Yao Yucai's home. Yao's wife, Qin Lifeng, learned Falun Gong before, but she gave it up against her will during Jiang's vicious persecution. But she always kept Zhuan Falun [Falun Gong's main book of teachings]. The thugs rummaged through their boxes and closets and found the book, so they severely beat up the couple.

Afterwards, they forcefully took the Yao couple to Qin Lisheng's home. Qin's wife had watched Teacher Li's lecture in Jinan City, but she didn't practice because her child was too young. The thugs broke into her home, rummaged through everything, beat up the couple and forced them under threat to admit they were Falun Gong practitioners. After the sweeping raid, they dragged the Yao couple and the Qin couple into a car and drove to the town government offices. The thugs fiercely beat up Qin and his wife, and shouted at them to encourage them to jump off the building. They were told that their deaths would be counted as suicides and (their lives) were worth nothing. They beat Qin until his body was almost completely covered with bruises. In the end, Yao was forced to pay 3000 Yuan and Qin 1000 Yuan before they were released.

On July 1, 2001, these corrupt individuals in the town government began another round of vicious attacks aimed specifically at determined practitioners who kept studying the Falun Dafa books and practicing the exercises. After they found Dafa materials in Yao Yunfa's home, they harshly beat him with a pair of steel coal tongs, smashed everything in his home and forcibly took him away. Qi Jianting and another practitioner were arrested while posting truth-clarifying literature. The ruffians broke into his home and beat up Qi's wife. The four practitioners are still being detained in a small dark room in the town government building and suffering from inhuman torture for their determined faith in Dafa. Among them, was Qi Jianting, who was beaten to the point of becoming unconscious several times. The thugs claimed that the practitioners had to each pay 10,000 Yuan or they would ransack their relatives and friends' homes.

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet with evil. We firmly believe that good people's blood will not have been shed in vain.