One day in August 2001 a Dafa practitioner was arrested while distributing Dafa literature. She was taken in by the deputies of the Dunhuang Oil Field Public Security Branch Station of the Qinghai Petroleum Bureau, Qinghai Province. Even after she clarified to the police about the truth of persecutions of Falun Dafa, they ignored her. Instead, they handcuffed both of her hands and hung her from a basketball hoop. She was hung for nearly four and half-hours under the burning sun in 34 C weather with her feet dangling in midair. After they took her down around 7pm, they subjected her to further torture and interrogation. The officers forced her onto the ground and stepped on her back. One female security officer (Wang Hong) started kicking the practitioner hard. After the beating, they pulled one of her hands over her shoulder to her back and the other hand from the armpit to her back and they cuffed her two hands together. Then they started pulling her arms upward to hurt her. Since she still refused to reveal where she got the literature, the vicious police stuffed five beer bottles between her arms and her back [adding further pressure to the excruciatingly painful handcuff position] and pulled her up. Upon struggling, the beer bottles fell down on the ground and broke. The officers then crammed a metal dustpan and a thick paper barrel behind her back to make her suffer more and went on with the interrogation.

Seeing it was not working, the hoodlums tried yet another sadistic method. They forced her hand into a fist covering her thumb and then tightened a metal cuff around the fist and her folded 5 fingers and forced her onto the ground again. One young and heavyset officer started to step on her hand with the cuff. She was hurt so badly that she screamed out loud. Unmoved the ferocious police snapped back, "I thought all Dafa practitioners were not afraid of death, how come you are screaming from the pain?" The torment continued for another six to seven hours.

Still unable to make her talk, the deputies finally took her to the main Public Security Department in Dunhuang City. There she described the inhuman tortures that she suffered at the branch station. One officer at the main station told her in private, "We have reported your suffering to the higher authority. The senior leaders stated that what they did at the branch station was completely out of their jurisdiction. If this occurs again make sure you report to us directly." Further more, this officer stated, "You can appeal to higher authorities and we can be your witness. We personally saw your extremely swollen hands, with skin and flesh cut, mixed with blood when you first got here. But we cannot be a witness to the actual torture that took place at the branch station since we were not there. Nevertheless the key point is they should not have treated you like a criminal."

Later on this practitioner was released after her family paid 5,000 yuan RMB as a "fine."

We solemnly warn the vicious officers at the Dunhuang Branch Station of the Qinghai Petroleum Bureau: Kindness will be repaid in kindness. Crimes will be repaid with retributions. This is the law of the heaven and everybody is under its coverage. If the ruffians will not come to this realization, stern and severe retribution by heaven will take place in front of your eyes.