The following account of a mystical and divine paradise glimpsed by a nine-year old disciple was dictated in Chinese to the young disciple's mother with little modification.

My name is Tongxin and I am 9 years old. I have practiced Falun Dafa for six years. When I saw the wicked villains' vicious persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners, and their ability to deceive the common people with their lies, I became determined to tell everyone all the things that have been buried in my heart for a very long time. I want all people to know that Falun Dafa is a true science and not idealism.

One day at a toyshop, I saw a toy motorcycle. When I used a supernormal ability to look inside it, I saw a glass ball. At that time, my reaction to this ball was very strange because the ball seemed to know who I was. I then had my dad buy the motorcycle for me. After returning home, I took the toy apart and got the ball out. The diameter of this ball was about 5 centimeters. At the beginning, what I saw in the ball was very vague, then it started illuminating, and later, the ball opened up an amazing and divine paradise to me.

Inside the ball, there lived many, many people. There were trains, cars, airplanes, and other vehicles inside the ball as well. There were also skyscrapers and mansions. The people were all very friendly with each other. For example, when one person stepped on another person's foot unintentionally, this person would immediately say that he was sorry, and the other person would then say that it was no problem. It was not at all like the fighting and arguing among one another of this Earth's people. There were no transformer toys that could change shapes; instead, the people could all float in the air and they could enlarge or shrink their bodies. The children could make themselves bigger than their parents! The women had long hair and long skirts; the men had short hair and long pants. They could all turn into whatever they liked. The people were all beautiful.

There was no darkness, and the people did not sleep either. There was a king inside who controlled the weather changes. If the king wanted it to rain, it would rain. If he wanted there to be sunshine, there would be sunshine. When people wanted to eat peaches, they just put a peach pit in some dirt. The pit would then automatically sink into the dirt. The people would just say: "Grow," and in less than a minute, it would grow into a tree full of really big peaches. The people would eat them and talk about how sweet and delicious they were.

The people inside could get whatever they wanted and not spend any money. They were never selfish and always thought of others. Trees, flowers and grass grew in abundance. There were many different animals and birds, but no negative things like foxes and snakes, etc.

I also saw a bulletin board publicizing Falun Dafa. Many people stood around and looked at it. I also looked at it. It read: "Falun Dafa is a genuine universal Dafa."

In that paradise, there were many people taking airplanes and flying in the air. Once, I reached my hand out and broke the airplane. It fell down and the passengers drifted and fell slowly to the ground. When I just touched the airplane lightly with my hand, it was not broken anymore. The people then got back on it and the airplane flew again. I broke the airplane with my hands once more, and again, it fell down. None of these passengers got mad. They only said to me, "You are too naughty."

There was another time when I took off the rear compartment of a traveling train and pulled it out of that paradise. The people inside kindly asked me, "How did you pull us out?" Then I sent them back. The driver said to me: "That's just great, you have held up our time." I had to break the red lights on this train and push it forward. At that time, however, a train on the other side was coming over. I was afraid that they would collide, so I immediately dragged the rail into the water. The train went into the water and turned into a boat. The people on the boat then said to me, "You are too naughty, little kid."

I also mischievously pushed down a multi-storied building onto the road. The people inside the building told me to quickly lift the building up, so I just put it back where it was. After a while, I again started not to obey, and lifted the building into the air. The people inside told me to put it down, so I again put it down. Those people were not mad at all and didn't curse at me because they had good xinxing.

I saw a few people building edifices. After they dug the foundation, I just pushed back the dirt that they had dug up. The people told me to dig up the dirt again. I used my finger, and in one scoop, the dirt would come out again. The building that they built was not neat, so I pushed it over. They asked me for the reason and then gladly built it again. I also helped them do something that they had no way of doing. They told me that I had done a very good thing, and I was very happy. In a kids' amusement park, there were many little kids playing. I extended my hand and the kids climbed onto it; I pulled them out of that paradise and then put them back.

I feel that the people on this Earth do not value De (virtue), which is very bad. Jiang Zemin and his group of scoundrels who oppose Falun Gong and make people suffer especially don't value De. The people in the paradise support Falun Gong and everyone is happy. I don't really like to watch television; there is no point in watching it at all. I hope that all kids like me quickly attain the Fa, and practice cultivation. I feel sorrow for all those who have not attained the Fa. I spread the Fa, and clarify the truth. Actually, many things sound incredible, but as long as you practice cultivation well, many of these wonderful things will become reality right in front of your eyes.