One day, Dafa practitioners and the company division heads were called to a meeting. In the beginning, a letter of repentance written by a brainwashed person was read to everyone, and then practitioners were invited to talk about their experiences. No one responded. Then the President of the company appointed some low-ranking people to talk, and these pitiful people, who wanted only to show off and impress their boss, made groundless speeches using vicious words. One practitioner stood up and rebutted them firmly. They argued with this practitioner and the meeting turned into chaos. Another practitioner also stood up to oppose the evil. The rest of the people remained silent to keep themselves from getting in trouble. My mind was occupied by fear and various excuses at that time, so I didn't dare to utter a word. However, the righteous power inside made me realize that it was not right to remain silent.

After overcoming all the bad thoughts, my heart was peaceful and filled with pity towards the ignorant people. I said to them, "I would like say a few words. Think about it, everyone--the safest thing for us to do would be to not say anything in this kind of situation. However, do you know that ..." I cannot remember what I said afterwards since it was a long time ago. But after I spoke, everyone was silent and a few cadres even shed tears. The President had to break up the meeting. No such meetings have been held since then.

I realized that when we clarify the truth to people, including those who assist the evil, we are also saving them and should be compassionate. This is most powerful and effective, and is what the evil fears the most.