(Clearwisdom.net) On July 6, 2001, with a heavy heart, I came to Hewan Labor Camp of Wuhan city in Hubei Province where one of my family members has been jailed because he practices Falun Dafa. That day was a regular visiting day.

It was extremely hot that day and the temperature reached as high as 40 OC (about 104 OF). When I arrived at the Labor Camp gate, I saw several visitors already there complaining loudly that we were once again not allowed to see our family members. I could not believe this could be true and went to the second gate to take a look, only to see a notice on the gate, which said that the visiting date has been put off to the next weekend. The notice date was July 6, 2001.

Many visitors raised questions as to why the Labor Camp had not notified us ahead of time and just changed the visiting date so suddenly? We came here in such hot weather in order to see our dear family members who have never done anything wrong. One old lady, together with her husband and sister who are also in their old age, started their trip very early in the morning of such a hot day. A young woman, holding her baby, was anxiously waiting to see her husband, with her entire face covered with sweat. Another lady, who had not seen her husband since last October, almost got heat stroke in the burning sun. All these Falun Dafa practitioners' family members have been looking forward to this day for so long, the once a month visiting day set up by the Hewan Labor Camp. However, their visitation rights were rejected and no one knew whether they would be allowed to visit on the next visiting day.

Many of them said: we used to blame our family members. Now, when we recall the details, our family members did not do any thing bad. They have always tried to be good and honest people at home and at work. The good people are jailed. Where is the justice? Now, we hate Jiang Zemin's criminal gang, hate them because they arrest and jail good people...

Most visitors requested that the Labor Camp officials help them take the daily living necessities to their family members, but no one showed up from the Labor Camp. Some visitors phoned several times to the Labor Camp and asked the officials to give us a reason for changing the visiting date. When a vicious guard at the gate heard the visitors' requests, he said ferociously, "No visiting is allowed! That's it! No reason! If you dare, go ahead and sue us!" The unreasonable words from the vicious guard caused public anger. The visitors all walked to the gate and strongly asked to be allowed to visit their family members. When one old man was standing at the gate, the guard turned on the electric lock and sandwiched him between the two sides of the gate. The guard's action allowed visitors to see their brutality. Many visitors pushed on the gate and scuffled with the gate guard. The guard started to beat people and his attitude was very cruel and fierce. He even shouted, "Go home and wait to collect the corpses!"

A policeman beat people in broad daylight and the victim was even an old man (a Falun Dafa practitioner's family member). Such a scene made visitors only more worried about their family members' safety. In the dark corners behind the high walls where no one can see, what kinds of brutality must our family members be facing?

The vicious guard called many policemen out. They were holding submachine guns and standing in front of the gate, sternly facing those empty handed ordinary people. All of a sudden, groups and groups of police cars came to the Labor Camp gate and those who were holding loudspeakers got out of the police cars. Seeing their fierce actions, as family members of Falun Dafa practitioners, how can we believe the propaganda on TV and in the newspapers? In the end, no one was allowed to visit his or her family members that day.

I believe that my loved one has never done anything wrong. Good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. We must support our family members who are still incarcerated!

By a Falun Dafa Practitioner's Family Member

Appendix: Please Rescue the Falun Dafa Practitioners Jailed in the Hewan Labor Camp of Wuhan City!

According to reports from a criminal prisoner who was just released from the Hewan Labor Camp, Hewan Labor Camp is currently using 8-10 criminal prisoners to deal with one Falun Dafa practitioner. Instigated by the Labor Camp officials, these prisoners beat and torment Dafa practitioners almost every day. By doing so, the prisoners' imprisonment term can be reduced and they can be released earlier. These criminal prisoners even bragged that they could satisfy their brutal instincts by beating people in the Labor Camp.

To protest their illegal persecution, some Dafa practitioners are doing a hunger strike. The prisoners then dragged those Dafa practitioners on hunger strike to sand piles in 40 OC hot days. They pressed them down onto the sand piles and force-fed them rice soup. The released prisoner said, the Labor Camp officials threatened, warned, and told the prisoners not to reveal to the outside that the Labor Camp is torturing Dafa practitioners.

Thus, we are calling for people with a conscience to rescue the Dafa practitioners who are being persecuted in Hewan Labor Camp of Wuhan city.