Panel one: Recruiting vicious people

Bottom Board: Recruiting Staff for Brainwash Classes

Left: You must do all you can to deal with Falun Gong
Middle: Director Jiang, they're the people you're looking for
Right: We have no problem with beating up and killing people.

Panel Two: Exchanging freedom with lies

The man said: As long as you say bad words about Falun Gong to the reporter, we'll set you free.

Panel Three: Do not forget it is Jiang Zemin that is making you rich

Left: This approach to wealth is given by Jiang Zemin just because Falun Gong is an eyesore to Jiang Zemin
Right: Today if you arrest 30 Falun Gong practitioners, you could make 300,000 Yuan. It's such easy money.

Panel Four: Kidnapping and ransom are my rights

Left: Your company still has five practitioners left. Hand over the money and the people then you'll be ok, or your boss will be in a big trouble. These are Jiang Zemin's ordersá
Right: Not only do you arrest our people, you also levy huge fines. Isn't this kidnapping and ransom?