Sherrill Bey is the hostess of the popular talk show "The Sherrill Bey Show" of TV Stations Channel 19, 21, 25, and 36 in the Chicago area. On the fourth day of the Chicago hunger strike, she came to the Chinese Consulate after having heard about the hunger strikes and was very angry about the brutal crackdown of Falun Gong. She said her program has over one million viewers and will have an even stronger impact than a hunger strike so she planned an hour interview for the next day. The evil force set many obstructions trying to sabotage this event. Practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. The program was a huge success. Sherrill Bey told in the program what is happening in China. She called on the people of Chicago to stand up and condemn the inhuman persecution of Falun Gong and support Dafa practitioners. She also went on the street to collect signatures like a practitioner.