(Clearwisdom.net) An elderly practitioner, Zhang Liqun, and her second daughter (not a practitioner) who had come home to visit were arrested by the public security bureau. The elderly lady's face had marks where she was beaten. Many days later, her wrists still had marks from having been tightly handcuffed. Miss Zhang argued strongly with the police, "My two daughters have been living in Taiwan for a long time; for treating me this way, I will sure sue you after I get out." The police had no choice but to let her go home, but her second daughter has been illegally detained for about 20 days. The police not only interrogated Zhang to find out whether she knew anything about her fellow practitioners, but also forced her to tell them what kind of assignment she was on and asked her about the situation among Falun Dafa practitioners in Taiwan. Additionally, they asked her to go back to Taiwan to collect information about Taiwan Falun Dafa practitioners. Zhang said that she could not do such a heartless thing. She righteously and solemnly refused these unreasonable requests. The police confiscated Zhang's suitcases and took them to the public security bureau to check. They tore the inner layers of the suitcases apart, but couldn't find what they were looking for.

After she went home, Miss Zhang went home and discovered four surveillance bugs planted under her bed.

Another elderly lady, Miss Zang, 67-years-old, was also arrested at the same time. The police put some kind of hat over her head and after awhile she became dizzy. She said, "Don't play such tricks on me. Don't you have a father and mother? Take this thing off me! My two daughters are all with the police." After she said that, the police took the hat off her head.

Right now, the two elderly ladies are being monitored and followed when they go out buying groceries, visiting friends or are relaxing. The police use a universal key to enter the homes of these two elderly ladies at any time no matter if there is anyone at home or not. They are careless and act like they own the place. How can anyone respect the public security when it treats elderly women in such a despicable manner, yet this is what Jiang Zemin flaunted as the "best period of human rights."

Harbin City Falun Dafa practitioner, Shang Yuqiu, was forcibly sent to No.2 Detention Center in Harbin City by the Dongli Police Station on July 8. Shang Yuqiu went on a hunger strike on July 12 asking for release and was sent to Wanjia Labor Camp Hospital by No.2 Detention Center in Haerbin City and is still on the hunger strike. The hospital force-fed her every day. The way they inserted the feeding tube caused damage to her nasal cavity and oral cavity and she was unable to stop coughing up blood.

Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Daofen (female) in Taiping district, Harbin City has been illegally detained in Wanjia Hospital for 8 months. Because she had high blood pressure, the Wanjia Labor Camp refused to receive her. No one cared about her, so she has remained in detention.

Jixi Falun Dafa practitioner Sha Guiping (female) was sent to Wanjia Labor Camp by Jixi City Mineral Bureau. She was examined and found to have congenital heart disease. She has been detained in Wanjia Labor Camp Hospital for three months and no one inquires about her.

Harbin City Falun Dafa practitioners Hu Aiyun, Tang Zhuyin, Fan Chunyan and others were sent to the 12th team of Wanjia Labor Camp in July. These practitioners have been very steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa. Three days later after they arrived, thugs forced them to sit on small hard plastic stools from 5:00AM in the morning to 9:00 PM in the evening. They were not allowed to leave the room for 24 hours. They had to stay in one position, their legs became swollen and they were restricted from using the restroom.

While Tian Liyan (female) and Lu Tieyan (female) were clarifying the truth in Dongli District, Harbin City in early May, Dongli Police Station authorities sent out thugs to beat and interrogate them all night long. When the police agents got tired, they took a break and then resumed the beatings. The practitioners were not given any food for 24 hours. Lu Tieyan was not given any sanitary napkins while menstruating. Her hands were swelled up as big as two steamed bread loaves. Her injuries were very severe and cruel. The No.2 Detention Center did not dare to receive her. Dongli Police Station was bribed 50 Yuan RMB to not detain her there.