(Clearwisdom.net) All Falun Gong practitioners sent to labor camps must go through the Dispatch Center. As soon as practitioners enter the door of the Dispatch Center, they receive electric shocks of different degrees and then police perform illegal body searches on everyone. Fearing that practitioners will bring Dafa articles and materials, the vicious guards rip apart practitioners' quilted clothing in their search. Practitioners were forced to strip and then repair their quilts unclothed under the searing sun. There was physical torture and then practitioners were forced to write a "guarantee statement." (not to practice Falun Dafa anymore) If practitioners refused to write this, they were forced to sit on electric chairs, "tiger bench" (a type of torture instrument), etc. Guards lied, saying that the blisters caused by electroshock were caused by an allergy to ultraviolet rays due to their exposure of the sun.

The police officer cuffed practitioners' hands and feet who went on hunger strike and tied them to a wooden block. Practitioners were not allowed to go to the bathroom. One practitioner refused to write a "guarantee statement," and almost all her hair was pulled out by the guards, except for around her ears and at the back of her head. The police officer ordered the drug-abuse prisoners to watch the practitioners who were on hunger strike and force-feed them. The guards threatened the prisoners that if they told others about the crimes happening there, their jail terms would be extended.

Practitioners had to work more than 10 hours every day, sometimes working until midnight. If there was no work, the police forced practitioners to sit on a bench for more than 10 hours. Practitioners were not allowed to raise their heads. In the winter, all jail cell doors had to be kept open except when new practitioners arrived ( they were afraid of people seeing their crimes, and wished to hide the abuse and beating of newly arrived practitioners). Some practitioners' hands and feet were damaged by frostbite.

In June and July 2000, it was extremely hot. Practitioners were forced to wear heavy clothing and could not wash their clothes. More than 10 practitioners in a group had only 2 minutes for washing their face and brushing their teeth. Sometimes they were only allowed to wash their face, not their feet because there were only a few water taps. The jail was full of retched odors. Because too many practitioners were detained there, they had to sleep on the floor. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other bugs would run on their bodies.

Practitioners were secretly sent from the Dispatch Center to Xin'an Detention Center. They were pushed down below the seats of the bus, handcuffed and not allowed to raise their heads. Upon entering the detention center, practitioners were body-searched again, and their luggage was inspected. This was followed by brainwashing and physical torture, sleep deprivation, standing with the nose and toes touching the wall with their eyes open. Practitioners were forced to sleep while standing on a small brick, which was just big enough for the feet, while their hands held their head. They were not allowed to move. Other torture included "flying" (standing with arms and legs outstretched on the ground), electroshock, etc.

One practitioner was sent to the Collective-Training Team (intensive brainwashing class) because she went on a hunger strike. She was stripped and tied to a chair and shocked with 10 electric batons. She said that there were no parts of her body that had not been shocked. If practitioners refused to write "the four guarantees," (not to practice, not to appeal for, and to break away from Falun Dafa, etc.) they would be tortured and brainwashed for a long time. Sometimes the ruffians did not provide determined practitioners with enough food.

In Beijing Xin'an Detention Center, practitioners once were brought to the fourth floor where the library and entertainment areas (set up for criminals) are located. After being videotaped here, they were brought back at once. The detention center claimed to the public that practitioners could study, read, and learn the computer, English, etc. Actually, all of this was just a show. The dining room always cooked Chinese cabbage (the cheapest vegetable in China) for practitioners. When visitors came, they made a little good food to show people. On holidays, practitioners could only read the menu on the blackboard but would never get to eat this type of food.

There were too many crimes in the detention center to write about. All in all, everything was a show that was put on to deceive the public. They also forced relatives of practitioners to write letters thanking the brainwashing team. All letters practitioners wrote to their families had to be inspected, and they would not send it if the letter mentioned the real situation inside the detention center.

I witnessed all of the above. I want to disclose the viciousness and clarify the true situation.