(Clearwisdom.net) In Maojian Brainwashing Classes led by Mei Fang in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners is escalating.

1. Every morning Dafa practitioners are forced outside to endure the baking sun for about an hour in temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius (103 Fahrenheit). Meanwhile, public security and police officers lounge in the shade, taunting practitioners. When it's done, the vicious policeman Liao Dafu would shout: "Get out of here!"

2. Practitioner Zhao Qingliang was beaten for doing the Falun Gong exercises and his arm was broken. When he was handcuffed for the exposure to the sun described above, he was unable to stand up by himself and the other practitioners were forbidden to assist him. His inability to stand provoked further beating.

3. Practitioner Yu Jian was severely kicked by police officer Liao Dafu and also forced to endure the exposure to the sun. When she screamed in pain, she was accused of malingering. Later at Shiyan City Taihe Hospital she was diagnosed with two broken ribs.

4. Not even the elderly are spared. Lu Kehua, a woman over 60 years of age, was beaten and kicked by police officer Liao Dafu when she refused to go into the sun on the morning of July 13. She was then dragged out by her hair.

5. Zhu Xirong, a female practitioner, refused to go for the sun exposure on July 20, and when she was dragged out, her clothes were ripped from her body.

6. On the morning of July 22, practitioner Lu Kehua said she was unable to endure the exposure to the sun. For this reason, the security guard Xu Zhi confined this elderly lady in a solitary compartment. Police officers Liao Dafu and Zhou Bin slapped her and handcuffed her so tightly that the cuffs were cutting into her flesh and her hands and arms became swollen. Practitioner Yu Jian said, "Ms. Lu is an elderly lady, it's not appropriate to treat her this way." At that, Liao Dafu and his staff forced Yu to "carry a sword on the back" (a severe torture where two arms were handcuffed on the back like carrying sword on the back. )

7. The Dafa practitioners here are forbidden to speak up on the pain of increased persecution. Once practitioners utter a word, they would be beaten or cursed. To protest their mistreatment, practitioners have staged a group hunger strike, which has been going on for five days. Mei Fang still ordered the staff to drag them out for exposure to the sun. Shao Xuemei was punched for speaking a single word and her clothes were torn. Guan Jinghao, another practitioner, said this was immoral conduct and he was then handcuffed in solitary confinement.

For those evil persecutors who lose their conscience and human natures, we warn them most seriously, "It is the heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good, and evil meets evil. If you don't repent for what you have done, you must be punished."