Zhang Weixin, female, 44, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, six Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death under the vicious persecution by Jiang Zemin's regime in Daqing City alone. Following the deaths of Li Baoshui, Cui Xiaojuan, Zhang Tieyan, Wang Bin and Chen Qiulan, one more Dafa practitioner, Zhang Weixin, has been tortured to death in Daqing.

Zhang Weixin, female, 44, used to work in Unit 3 of the Daqing City Installation Company. On August 26, 2001, with the wish to validate Falun Dafa, she went to appeal in Beijing. On August 29, officials in Daqing City received a phone call asking someone to bring Zhang Weixin back from Beijing. On the afternoon of August 31, the people who went to pick her up called back to report that she had died on her way back in Goubangzi (the place where the police claimed she died).

As far as we know, over 20 people (including a coroner) from Daqing City police were sent to Beijing. It is possible that Zhang Weixin's corpse will not be brought back home and her body will be cremated on the spot, either due to in fear of arousing strong reactions from practitioners in Daqing or with the intention of hiding something. The practitioners in Daqing are paying close attention to the details of this death.

The time frame was very short from the time the notice was given on August 29 to pick up Zhang Weixin to the time the news of her death was received on August 31. It would be a very tight schedule to set out for Beijing, get clearance for the paperwork procedures to pick up Zhang Weixin and then rush back to Goubangzi by August 31.

Previously, the people sent on such assignments to pick up practitioners always took the opportunity to tour Beijing for a few days. (They would then force the practitioners whom they were picking up to pay the expenses for their gallivanting and dining.) Why was there a peculiar urge to rush back this time? On the way back, there were many people guarding Zhang Weixin. Also, there is inconsistency in the replies that the relevant officials gave to practitioners' queries. For example they initially mentioned that four people were sent to pick up Zhang Weixin, two from the police station and two from the security section of her work unit. Later they claimed to have only sent two people. Why did they dare not bring Zhang's corpse back to Daqing and are tightly blocking all related news? What exactly is it that they want to hide?

We will be investigating this matter further in order to expose the evil crimes of the murderers.