(Clearwisdom.net) In the year 2000, many Falun Gong practitioners were illegally sentenced to forced labor "re-education." Before being sent to any labor camp, they were sent to a "Dispatch Center" in Daxing County, Beijing area.

At the dispatch center, policemen searched all the practitioners' belongings and even opened the stitches of their cotton-quilted clothing to make sure there was nothing hidden there. They also subjected the practitioners to abuse by beating them with fists, kicking them, and shocking them with electric batons.

One day in August, four female practitioners were brought in. They were all over 55 years old and they all had grandchildren. Their names are: Liu Jiaming, Wang Rulan, Chen Lihua. (the other's name is unknown.) Outside, in the front yard, they were forced to remove every piece of clothing before being searched, and then they had to re-sew their cotton-quilted clothing while they were still naked.

The male prisoners' cells were on the other side of the yard. Between the male and female cells, there was only a wire-fence, so the male prisoners could clearly see those naked female practitioners doing their sewing work. Some male guards were patrolling around the courtyard at that time, too.

Under their public oath of "serving and protecting the people," those policemen humiliated these kindhearted elderly ladies who were old enough to be their own mothers--ladies who would never fight back when they were beaten or sworn at. What is the difference between those policemen and other lawless criminals? Things like this happening in China, which exhibit a total lack of conscience on the part of those who do them, makes both the Chinese ancestors and their descendants feel ashamed.

On the first day at the dispatch center, every practitioner was beaten up and shocked with electric batons. The policemen asked the criminals (non-practitioners) to persecute Dafa practitioners:

One practitioner, Yu Hua, began to practice the Falun Gong exercise. He was then tied up on a bed.

On another occasion, a criminal knocked a female Dafa practitioner down to the floor and put his hands around her neck ferociously as if he were going to choke her to death.

Whenever Dafa practitioners wash their rice bowls or go to the restroom, they have to lower their head and avert their eyes to a certain degree while passing other inmates; otherwise they will get smashed on the head.

Dafa practitioners were not allowed to take showers, or wash their underwear for over two weeks in the hottest weather.

Three practitioners wanted to study Dafa, but the policemen shocked their necks with electric batons until blisters came up.

Dafa practitioners were watched over by drug addicts, and they were not allowed to talk at all.