(Clearwisdom.net) I remember that when Clearwisdom.net first reported about practitioners in Mainland China going on hunger strikes to protest the vicious persecution, some overseas practitioners urgently appealed to Chinese practitioners to stop such "extreme" actions that could portray the Chinese Government as inhuman. I agreed with these opinions at that time. Later, Clearwisdom ran a large number of reports on the hunger strikes that illustrated how some practitioners had exceeded the limits of ordinary persons, and had manifested the majestic side of Dafa. At this time, I slowly came to understand the purpose of the hunger strike.

Later still, when I was arrested and detained, I also went on a hunger strike. Because my mind was not so stable, during that time I drank water as an ordinary person would do, and once even ate a very small amount of fruit. On the sixth day of my hunger strike, I was still expending a lot of physical energy playing games with the prisoners. I did this to show them that Dafa was supernormal. On the evening on the sixth day, I stopped the hunger strike. First I ate one cold steamed-bun, and I did not have any uncomfortable feelings. Throughout the hunger strike, I did not feel any discomfort, nor did I feel hungry or want to eat some food. My physical strength did not weaken either.

It is a great endeavor for overseas Dafa practitioners to, in a peaceful situation, call on conscience and justice by going on a hunger strike. There are no defined ways to validate the Fa and clarify the truth, as long as what we are doing is rational and lawful. Does one need to announce one is going on a hunger strike for an unlimited length of time? I do not think so. We just do it naturally to clarify the truth, whether it is a hunger strike or a sit-in demonstration, and we do it for as long as we can. We do not expect to have a certain impact, because we are doing it just to clarify the truth, spread Dafa and awaken people all over the world. Seeing our pure and determined minds, people in the world will be moved and shaken. This effect is far beyond what a statement can have, since in society so many statements have been made but not acted upon, that people have lost interest in them.

On the other hand, with our weak physical bodies and our enormous endurance, we not only show our determined belief in Dafa, but we also validate Dafa and tell people about the great suffering of Dafa practitioners in China. In contrast, the indifferent attitudes of the Chinese consulates toward the lives of their own citizens will for certain raise concerns from people that have consciences. In this way, more people will know the truth of Dafa, and more people will be saved.

As to the physical side, during the Fa-rectification period, we must rectify anything that is not righteous, and we must never be interfered with or taken advantage of by anything not righteous or degenerated. Thus, if it is not "illness" due to our karma, we should let go of our attachments and use strong righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil elements causing the interference.

Above all, we should use our great enlightened side to validate Dafa and to save people, while not passively enduring with our physical bodies. As long as it is within our ability (including supernormal capabilities), all things that we do naturally with pure minds are correct. On the other hand, if we are forcing things because of attachments, we need to improve ourselves.

All of us will improve through the things we are doing. Activities that validate Dafa are natural actions from our hearts, not things we are forced to do. If our physical bodies do not feel strong enough [to go on a hunger strike], there are other things that need to be done, such as clarifying the truth and distributing flyers. It is not like going on a hunger strike is greater or more spectacular than other things--all such activities are work for Dafa , and they are all great and spectacular.

The above ideas represent my understanding, which I brought up for discussion with overseas practitioners.